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5 Best Practices for Safe Paper Shredding and Document Destruction

The destruction of no longer needed and confidential documents is easier than it sounds, without requiring you to light up a huge bonfire to burn everything to ashes. All you need is to have a device that is designed to do paper shredding without needing much effort. Today, various kinds of records shredders are available on the market. Depending on whether you may be a head of a company, HR of a firm where you handle an excessive amount of papers, or a homemaker where you need to dispose of papers that are no longer of any use.

Paper destroying tools are the most common tools that help you shred your confidential paper-based records. The benefit of documents shredders is that you can shred and destroy huge piles of pages in a very short period of time. The chopped pieces are then automatically gathered into a closed basket.


Let’s explore some effective practices while going for paper shredding.

  1. Separate the Papers You no Longer Need

Every month there is a continuous inflow and outflow of various types of documents that consists of sensitive data about your firm or personal information. Mostly it includes bank statements, receipts and invoices, memos and letters— you name it. Sometimes, these papers may contain confidential documents of your organization that need to be demolished safely. One of the best methods for documents destruction is to sort out all the papers and separate those documents that no longer have any value and get securely rid of them. It’s always a best practice to use an in-house paper shredder.

  1. Avoid Tossing Sensitive Papers in a Bin

Tossing away documents that contain sensitive information in the trashcan is not a good and safe practice.  Maybe you are working for a government or a firm that works with confidential data, thus you have to vary cautious not to lose any valuable piece of paper. To secure your organization’s data from falling into malicious actors and data breach events, it is thus important to safely destroy all the documents that contain any piece of information that could be used against your firm’s reputation.

  1. Invest into a Paper Shredder

A document shredder is the best option for papers destruction within your entire records management system. When you choose to pick up a paper shredder, it is vital to buy a crosscut mill and not the straight-cut mill, as crosscut machine results in finer paper shredding. This will stop individuals from regrouping the pieces of shredding papers to extract certain information. Purchase a paper shredder that cuts pages into strips up to 0.5 cm or 0.5 mm wide.

  1. Security Level of the Paper Shredder

While considering the effective practices for records destruction, many savvy records destruction experts highly recommend checking the security level of the shredder in advance. A higher security level indicates how well the shredder chops the paper into tiny pieces. Paper mills are present in offices, stores and are categorized into various security levels, depending on the cutting strips and smoothness. Many firms provide paper shredding machines that are highly advanced and sophisticated for safe document destruction.

  1. Shred Your Documents Regularly

Make it routine work to destroy your papers before they pile up too huge. As documents come and go, the amount of paper gets increase day by day. Sorting a pile of papers to see which file needs to be shredded and which one to be maintained.

When you have a routine schedule of records destruction, it will save you and the company a plenty amount of time. With routine destruction practices, you can minimize the chances of your firm’s records being falling into wrong hands.

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