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5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021

The best thing about graphic design styles is that every year comes with the chance to reset.

The design trends of 2021 might give us fresh air to breathe. As the previous trends were handled by the assurance of a new century, taking from futuristic and sci-fi tech, the graphic design trends of 2021 prefer the people.

The past year 2020, was mostly spent at home or with a small social circle. That is the reason most people started spending more time on social media, streaming platforms, and eCommerce sites.

To survive this crazy year, remote work, digital learning, and telehealth were important for survival and made digital natives out of everyone. Now we are used to working online, and we are using a lot more media.

The purpose of graphic designing is to transform the simple into something special. So it is time to have a look at how the 2021 designers are motivating the path of this century. There are various graphic designers like Rachid Lotf who specialized in different fields and offer retro design services, gaming designs, and concepts designs.

Top Graphic Design Trends of 2021

Today the trends of graphic Design give chances to earn customers’ attention, update the brand’s aesthetic, and unlock big results.

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1. Abstract psychedelia

This has roots in the art scene and music of the 60s. It associates creative experimentation and hallucinogens under the backdrop of social revolution: briefly, the opening of the mind.

In comparison, from then to now, it appears to be suitable: the confused imagination of psychedelia promoting freedom, the feeling that the designers are no longer forced by traditional constraints.

2. Symbol revival

In this Design, the small things matter. Shape as simple as a red octagon and colored bars on a waving banner can save lives and unify the nation at a busy intersection.

Symbols like there depict universality in historic times. Either this is in the form of identifying a cause under shared iconography or in the form of conveying warnings, the power of classic symbols is based on the ability to surpass language.

The designers of 2021 are leveraging the power to design and create aspirational icons of growth, resilience, and empowerment.

The Design by adding creatively recognizable symbols like goddesses, stars, and stoic lions.

3. 3D Design

It is not a new design trend. However, getting cooler and cooler. This 3D design trend is the one that has made more advancements in technology and software capabilities.

The best example of design trends growing out of new ‘can do’ possibilities. The famous movement is going towards hyper-real visuals, incredibly lifelike to blur the physical and digital.

Popular designers are blending 3D designs with flat or photo illustrations. Others are adding animation and movement to make the site stand out from the barriers of others.

4. Emoji Design

There are now pervasive pictogram forms, which allow the designers to add emotion to sites, statements, or printed media.

The designers add a little wink or tone of voice at the end of a sentence, as they are more famous, even the main feature of communication.

Emojis motivate interaction on social media like Instagram, Snapchat.

The same goes with designs as they use Emojis to create a response and reaction that makes the mood.

For these reasons, the use of Emoji in a design will gain progress in the coming years. The trend of 2021 will be more and more creative and imaginative use of emojis.

5. Comics and Pop art

The past designs will never truly die. This year, the designers are reviving the heavy inking, grainy colors, and action lines of vintage comics.

Comics sometimes use simplified dot shading or halftones for color representation. In today’s era, this technology can add new life into modern minimalist trends like flat Design through depth and grainy texture.

Web designers can similarly break the grid with skewed shapes and slanting panels to form a sense of motion and drama.

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Why does Graphic Design Trend Matter?

Either you are a freelance graphic designer, creative director, or design director, famous trends can assist you in brainstorming design ideas for the coming year and polish your talent with new graphic elements.

Design trends keep us updated with the world and portray the upcoming and current visual trends in television, fashion, and advertisements.

There is a purpose in the majority of trends, either a response to cultural events or changing things up from the trends to stand out of the previous seasons.

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