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6 Solar Panel Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The rising popularity of solar panels over the years has now produced enough energy to power 23.3 million homes. However, you need your own panels to take advantage of this capacity.

You also need to ensure proper installation while getting the best value and benefits for your buck. So, how do you avoid common mistakes that can hinder your solar power progress?

Read on for 6 solar panel buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Miscalculating Electricity Needs

The purpose of installing solar panels is to cut back or even replace your regular electricity consumption. So, if you do not calculate your energy needs then you have defeated the purpose of solar power.

Avoid buying less than what you need by accurately measuring your home’s power consumption. This means auditing the output of all your appliances and adding them to find your total energy use.

2. Not Understanding Your Finance Options

A solar panel budget is important since units can cost around $20k for a single household. Understanding your finance options is important to get the right amount of panels at the lowest cost.

You can always use cash to buy the panels, but there are financing options. For instance, you can get a solar loan or lease the panels. A loan qualifies you for federal tax credit while leasing the solar equipment does not since you do not own the panels.

solar panel buying mistakes

3. Misunderstanding Roofing Requirements

You might think that the slant or direction of your roof will disqualify you to install solar panels. However, a solar panel provider should know how to accommodate any type of roofing. They should also be able to adjust either your roof or the solar panels to acquire the maximum amount of sunlight.

4. Buying the Wrong Type or Size Panels

There are different types of solar panels so you should know which one to use for your house vs. these solar kits that are for charging your car.

This is why you need to hire a solar panel expert to assess your home to decide which size panels and batteries are needed to fit your household. Buying too large panels is a waste of money while using too small will be inefficient.

5. Going with Your First Quote

The solar panel market is competitive, therefore, you should never accept your first quote without looking at several companies.

Browse online customer reviews to narrow your list to a few solar installation businesses then request a quote from all of them. You can then compare their prices and reputations before choosing a solar panel provider.

6. Not Asking About Warranty and Service

When choosing a solar company, you also want to ask about their warranty and service information. There should be a guarantee that the solar panels will work. And if something does go wrong, the business may offer unlimited service for a duration of time.

If you do not inquire about these benefits you could miss out on ensuring your panels are functional and protected.

Avoid Solar Panel Buying Mistakes

For such a large investment, avoiding these solar panel buying mistakes is essential to gaining the benefits of solar power. If you do make a mistake it could cost you more money and require you to reinstall your panels. Therefore, take your time and make sure you do it right.

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