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8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Save Your Time

The smartest people are using Artificial Intelligence to save 100s of hours every month. But most folks still have no idea how to leverage AI to save their time.

Before we jump in, keep this in mind, Artificial Intelligence cannot perform high level tasks or replace a real human at this point in time.

But Artificial Intelligence can perform at the level of an intern, which you can leverage to delegate a lot of lower level tasks and save a ton of time.

Let’s jump in now how Artificial Intelligence can be very efficient for everyone and save time.

Artificial Intelligence Save Time

Here are 8 ways you can start leveraging AI to save time ASAP:

1. Finding new ideas:

The hardest thing about starting is finding the right ideas. Can be used for emails, marketing, essays, blogs.

AI can help you:

• Brainstorm new ideas to write about
• Find the right title or headline
• Write a first draft

Recommend tool to use is Jasper; which is an AI writer and AI art generator for teams with over 3000 5-star reviews. You can create blog posts, marketing copy, and AI-generated images fast.

2. Your Research Assistant:

Doing research on any topic can take ages.

AI can help you save time by:

• Finding facts and statistics
• Answering questions
• Collecting and sharing insights
• Simplifying complex topics

Recommended tool to use is ChatGPT by OpenAI which  has everyone talking about the subject now. It has caused a disruption around the World when it came out weeks ago.

Artificial Intelligence Save Time

3. Your Personal Assistant:

Small admin tasks can end up taking a lot of time.

Instead, use AI to:

• Schedule appointments
• Set reminders
• Answer your questions

4. Your personal marketing intern:

Repetitive marketing tasks can eat up a lot of time.

Use AI to do that work instead:

• Write blogs
• Write marketing copy
• Generate ad copy
• Build landing pages

5. Your Study buddy:

AI is spreading like fire across schools.

Use it to:

• Research your essays
• Improve your writing
• Detect plagiarism

Beware: if you use AI to write your essays, you may get caught and penalized for plagiarism.

Suggested tool is Jenni AI. Jenni is the AI assistant that keeps you in the driver’s seat. Jenni works with you as you write, and once you write with Jenni you can never go back as they say.

Artificial Intelligence Save Time

6. Act as a second brain:

Most of us don’t have the time to spend hours everyday reading.

Use AI to summarize and simplify:

• Books
• Research papers
• The news

AI can help you simplify and summarize thousands of pages of information in a matter of seconds.

7. Creating images:

Sometimes you need an image for an article, a presentation, or a landing page – but you just can’t find the right one.

When that happens, use a tool like Midjourney or DallE to create the perfect image.

8. Writing code:

Yupp. It’s not just for writing blogs and emails.

You can leverage AI to write and edit your code for you.

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