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A TurnRound for events this Summer?

Could Projection-Mapping be the must-have for a socially distanced event this summer? Outdoor events could be back later this year; albeit a little spaced out!

Projection-Mapping — creating breathtakingly beautiful nighttime events with high powered laser projectors, transforming surroundings by remodelling any surface with light — storytelling with photons — the ideal medium for those planning an unlocked event 2021.

Over the lockdowns, specialist communications company TurnRound #multimedia has been developing its mobile projection units — building on many years of experience in the corporate events sector. Their self-contained mobile projection systems provide an uncomplicated solution for many occasions — arrive and shine.

With over thirty years of experience in the events sector, TurnRound is one of the UK’s most established digital media companies, with projection services at the core to their offering. They guide clients through the options, developing a coherent strategy to deliver that wow factor — both technically, creatively and within budget. TurnRound’s other specialities include content creation and app design.

Ross Lammas from TurnRound said: “It’s been a sobering time for those working in the events sector, with many freelancers and companies slipping through financial support given to other industries. All creatives are endeavouring to make real-world happenings later this year — and I see Projection Mapping as a way of creating memorable and safe real-world experiences this summer.”

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection-Mapping — beaming images onto three-dimensional objects has become possible through the development of high-powered digital projectors. Plus, 3D scanning software that allows Artist and Designer to digitise real-world objects into a virtual canvas for painting and storytelling with light. Unlike cinema, Projection Mapping — often called Video Mapping, Augmented Spatial Reality — takes a distinctive approach. Rather than projecting onto a flat or slightly curved screen, images are beamed directly onto three-dimensional objects — creating immersive multi-sensory real-world experiences on a potentially enormous scale. Any reflective surface is your canvas, from buildings and natural landscapes to vehicles and even interiors or exhibition spaces.

Applications include:

  • art installations
  • building illumination
  • event experiences
  • exhibitions
  • film or theatre effects
  • festivals
  • guerrilla & street promotions
  • interior design
  • launches
  • retail
  • virtual billboards

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