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Apps that Let you Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games and Performing Activities

For quite sometime now, bitcoin has been the talk of town now. People have funded in this new digital currency. The thing is quiet risky as investing in digital currency doesn’t guarantee any money back.

But if I tell you that you can earn Bitcoin by playing games? In app store there are a lot of bitcoin games that allow you to get cryotocurrencies and bitcoin.

Here we will discuss about the best apps that let you earn free bitcoins.

What is a Bitcoin?

Blockchain Technology Smart - Free photo on Pixabay

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available. At present, there are 5000 more cryptocurrencies that are online available like Phoneum, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Many companies and business don’t work through Bitcoin and other cryptos now, however, other big companies like Microsoft, AT&T, and Paypal has started to do now. This means that crypto will be the future money.

Best Bitcoin earning apps

1. Blockchain Game

This is a miner app developed and offered by Bitcoin Aliens. The app allows you to earn real bitcoin by playing arcade games which will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet automatically.

2. Storm Play

This cryptocurrency app is offered by StormX Global SEZC, Inc. The app allows you to get your cryptocurrency by trying different companies’ products.

3. sMiles

This app offers you earn free bitcoin by doing simple tasks like playing games, walking, shopping.

4. Lawnmower

It is a hub that assists you in your fundings on blockchain assets. It lets you analyze the activities of blockchain investment market, open your investment account and monetize your currencies and much more.

5. Alien Run

It is adventure game that allow you to play and get Bitcoins through playing. Bitcoin Aliens is offered by it and is available for Android 3.0 and up and IOS 8.0 or later.

6. Bitcoin Billionaire

It is a free clicker game for iOS and Android devices in which you earn a huge rich by mining as many bitcoins that you can afford.
Make a fortune by tapping the screen.

7. CashPirate

It is a free application for Android devices that lets the buyers earn free bitcoins. It benefits the users after completion of a specific task like trying out a free game, downloading a free app and filling out surveys.

8. BTC Safari

BTC safari developed and offered free bitcoin faucet miner app. In every 15 minutes it produces more than 400 Satoshis.

9. Sweatcoin

It is a fitness and bitcoin miner app developed and offered by Sweatcoin Ltd. It lets you get coins every time you perform the exercise. The app then monitors your activities and changes them to coins.

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