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Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and iPad

Wallpaper reflects your preference and personality or brings a smile to your face whenever you unlock your iPhone.

Luckily, there are many apps available that provide a countless options for wallpapers to meet every criteria.

It helps to satisfy taste, varying from nature scenes to graphics, quotes, animations, and the most famous live wallpapers.

Wallpapers research is a difficult task. The people sit and browse wallpapers on the internet and finish having oversized and low-quality images, and the worst part is that one is not able to find any.

A good wallpaper can fully change the appearance of your smartphone. If you have the right wallpaper app, finding a new HQ wallpaper is not a difficult task.

In this blog, we have shared the best wallpaper apps for iPhones.

best wallpaper apps

Best wallpaper apps for iPhone

1. Vellum Wallpapers

It is a great wallpaper app for iPhone, with a large range of beautiful wallpapers that update on its own daily.

People prefer the Vellum Wallpaper app. This app has wallpapers of artistic pictures. From scenic views to beautiful images to stunning visualizations, all are available on one app.

By using this app, you will never end up with wallpapers. The only problem is ads pop up frequently. It is justified as developers earn money and provide you with free wallpaper.


  • Organized app
  • Availability of themed packs
  • Wallpaper preview
  • Blur filter for wallpapers

2. Vector Logo Designer

Along with Wally or Vellum, you may also need to create a professional logo design for your business, Vector Editor app helps you to create a professional logo freely. Fluid control and automated vector design abilities allow anyone to feel like a pro. Explore endless expert-approved features, graphics, fonts, and more.

3. Wally

The app has the best wallpaper ever. In this free wallpaper app, there are 2000+ wallpapers, and weekly updates give you beautiful images.

The wallpaper perfectly fits on your device and is for the retina screen.


  • You can edit the image
  • High-quality multiple category images

4. Live Wallpapers for Me

It looks best on any type of phone. This app is for you if you are looking for an exciting wallpaper. It has a large collection of animated wallpapers, each with a different design.

The app is categorized into animals, water, sci-fi, fire, etc. Any wallpaper can be chosen as per your choice.

Both free versions and paid are available.


  • Supports different languages
  • Provision of 4k wallpapers

5. Wallcraft

It is the top wallpaper apps for iOS and Android. The app has more than 10,000+ full HD wallpapers, more than 5000 wallpapers for 2K, and 1000+ 4K wallpapers for smartphones.

The app displays those wallpapers only that are best suited according to the size of your screen.


  • No ads display
  • Exclusive wallpapers
  • Double wallpapers
  • Parallax wallpapers

6. Walli

It is also a great free wallpaper app for Android and iPhone. It also has an extensive collection of high-quality wallpapers that will make your home screen look amazing.

The app has four main sections Recent, featured, categories, and popular, to assist you to have the best wallpaper.


Image playlist feature

7. Icon Skin & Themes

For easy accessibility, all wallpapers are categorized into different groups. This app has high-quality images and has a catchy interface that is easy to use.

The app updates with new wallpapers weekly, so you can select from more options to choose from every week.

If you are the person who needs to change wallpapers often, then this app is for you.


  • Wallpapers are of high-quality
  • Update on weekly base
  • Handmade wallpaper designs


Having cool wallpaper can change the mood of a person at any time. The selection of wallpaper is not an easy task, but wally is a top-rated application to find the best option.

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