Thursday, June 13, 2024

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BigCommerce Announces Multi-Storefront

BigCommerce is excited to announce the launch of their newest feature called multi-storefront — an innovative way to scale smarter by creating tailored experiences for your buyers while simplifying management.

With multi-storefront, merchants can create and manage multiple unique storefronts within a single system, powered by BigCommerce’s native stencil framework or by a 3rd party, headless solution such as Next.JS, Contentful, WordPress etc.

By using multi-storefront, merchants can streamline their operations, save on implementation and maintenance costs and deliver tailored shopping experiences for the needs of their different buyers.

Who benefits most from multi-storefront?


This release is targeted towards merchants that manage the following:

  • Multi-brand: merchants that manage a brand portfolio and want a website for each brand.
  • Multi-segment: merchants that sell into multiple customer segments (B2B/B2C) and want a website for each segment.
  • Multi-region: merchants that sell into multiple regions and want a website for each region.

Key Benefits

When using BigCommerce’s multi-storefront feature, merchants can effortlessly grow into new markets by creating custom storefront experiences for various buyers without additional work. Plus, they benefit from reduced costs thanks to streamlining their ecommerce operations. By simply trimming down the number of systems and integrations a business relies on, maintenance costs will decrease while revenue increases.

Multi-Storefront also helps with data-driven decisions for your business with a unified data source — view storefronts analytics and generate reports within a single dashboard. That means all of the powerful insights you need to grow are all easily accessible in one place.

It’s all about empowering efficiency and ditching duplication of efforts with a centralized system that manages all of your storefronts. Whether it’s adding a new product or updating pricing, do it one time, in one place.

Head to BigCommerce and see how multi-storefront can help unify your business and contribute to more growth.

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