Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Creators cash in thanks to new Voice Calling tool

SoSpoilt has unveiled a brand-new version of its Voice Call feature. It will make it even easier for creators to safely chat with their followers over the phone – and get paid for it.

The platform already helps anyone creating content for an online audience – like bloggers, experts, artists, and influencers – fund what they do with fan support and brand sponsorship.

But the new feature means it’s now even easier for creators to earn by inviting fans to pay per minute for calls, too.

“There’s no need to download any extra software or share their real phone number,” explains Emilie Moore, the Creator Success Manager at SoSpoilt.

“Our Voice Call feature now allows creators to safely charge fans to connect using nothing but the SoSpoilt app and their internet connection.

“Creators decide when they’re available to chat and how much they charge per minute for their time. We just provide the tech that makes it possible.”

The new feature is already available in the SoSpoilt app for Android. And it should be rolled out in the iOS version very soon.


From creators to over-the-phone counsellors

The new feature launch coincides with a boom in demand for mental health support, with many experiencing loneliness and depression as a result of the pandemic.

It means Voice Calling could prove a particularly valuable and timely tool for online therapists, wellbeing coaches, and other creators in this niche. It could help them provide their followers or clients with much-needed support via 1:1 telephone consultations.

“The pandemic forced us apart. So now more than ever, people need (and value) meaningful, human interactions,” continues Emilie. “And that’s why we’re really excited about what our new Voice Call feature represents.

“It’s so much more than just a money-making tool for creators. It will help creators provide exactly what their fans want today. That could be anything from a friendly chat to over-the-phone counselling, depending on the creator’s area and level of expertise.”

More ways for creators to get paid

Creators on SoSpoilt can also earn by selling video chats, direct messages, and content subscriptions to their online fans.

It costs nothing to join the service. SoSpoilt just takes a small percentage of creators’ earnings, known as a platform fee.

“We know that, without getting paid, many creators couldn’t afford to keep spoiling their fans with content and live interactions,” says Emilie.

“So we give all new creators a $10 welcome bonus. And we take a much lower platform fee than our competitors do. This means creators pocket up to 85% of everything they make with us.

“We’re already helping thousands of creators make money. And we’re excited to see more joining our community every day.”

SoSpoilt is an online platform with one mission: to help content creators fund what they do with fan support and brand sponsorship. Operated by Ampay Limited – a trusted UK technology provider since 1999 – SoSpoilt is now used by over 100,000 creators. And it’s the only choice for creators looking to safely get paid and connect live with their audience. Go to sospoilt.com to find out more.

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