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First British App to offer 100 plus on demand services with Single Login

JINNEE is new threat to Uber, JustEat, Deliveroo and other on demand app. Now you no longer have to download numerous Different Apps that will provide only few Services at a time but also consume your Smartphone’s entire storage space. JINNEE App has come to your assistance by providing 100 plus services within one single login.

With this One Single App, you can book Instant Taxi, Order Food and Groceries online with Doorstep Delivery, get a babysitter, Plumber, Electrician , and even avail Services like Car Wash and Carpet Cleaner when you need. You can do all of this from your Android phone, iPhone or from the JINNEE app Website itself. JINNEE app also allows you to place your tasks with your budget for professionals to bid. You can award your job or task to a professional who has the best feedback from customers and meets your budget requirements.


With a couple of simple taps, you can hire a JINNEE shopper who would buy anything for you from the nearby Stores of your town and deliver it to you on time. JINNEE app can also provide Video Consultation with Doctors, Solicitors, Sports Trainers, Tutors etc.

Finding a professional Plumber, Babysitter or any skilled or professional person

We know that people have been struggling to find a reliable plumber, babysitter, carpet cleaner etc. JINNEE provides one single place to find 100 plus professional service providers and choose the best one of them by comparing their reviews and feedback from their previous customers. Now it will not be difficult for you to find a reliable local babysitter if you are going for a night out or dinner. You do not need to waste hours to find someone to babysit for your kids with peace of mind when you are away.

How JINNEE will help local businesses to enter, compete and grow effectively

Our aim is to boost the local economy by providing a platform for the local community to compete with large and international businesses with minimum cost. It has become very hard and difficult for small and medium size businesses to survive and compete with large multinational corporations, here we come with the JINNEE Stores app to sell your products to local, domestic and international customers.

JINNEE Stores app allows local businesses, entrepreneurs and small businesses to provide 15 minutes to same day delivery option to local community. The new business model will help local businesses to grow without spending huge amounts for advertising. The new model will allow new and small businesses to have their presence without hiring professionals and spending for advertising. Small to medium grocery stores and off licences can now offer their delivery service too which will help local shops to get exposure to more customers with their own comfort.

JINNEE Kiosks app will help restaurants, takeaways and other businesses to reduce pressure on the till staff and get more orders through kiosks and serve the orders quickly and more efficiently. JINNEE kiosks app will be free for all JINNEE Stores app subscribers.

JINNEE allows the customers and service providers to rate each other fairly after accomplishing their jobs which can help others to choose the right professional service in the future.

JINNEE app has built in free video, voice call and text facility from customers to service providers or store managers, which makes it easier for everyone to communicate with each other.

The best of all is that all your sensitive data is stored on your own device, which will provide robust security and confidence that your sensitive data is not exposed to anyone over the internet, especially your bank card details. JINNEE app is a disaster proof model which can help businesses and the public to conduct their routine businesses without any interruption like wars, flood, storms or even during pandemic like covid-19.

Jinnee App is a solution to all your day-to-day requirements and will make your life easy.

Some of the services available in JINNEE app with single login:

Taxi – Food, Parcel & Grocery Delivery – Home Removal – Babysitting – Care – Dog Walk – Pet Care – Pest Control – Plumber – Electrician – Carpenter – Painter Decorator – Domestic & Commercial Cleaning – Carpet Cleaner – Car Wash – Massage – Beauty & Makeup – Barber – Nail Technicians – Maids – Sports & Fitness Couch – Catering – Tutor – Physiotherapy – VET – Dog Grooming – General Labour – DJ – Locksmith – Travel Agent – Tour Guide – Property Agent – Insurance Agent – Security Guard – Helper – Lawyer – Party Cleaning – Catering – Chef – Car Repair – Tow Truck – Lawn Mower – Computer Technicians – Mobile Phone Technicians – Web Designer – SPA – Translator – Mechanics etc.

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