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From Bricks to Clicks with BigCommerce

We’re facing a peculiar time right now with everyone practicing social-distancing and staying safe. Businesses are having to close their doors and our economy is struggling. It’s definitely a scary time, but we’re not in this alone.

BigCommerce is here to help brick-and-mortar businesses make quick moves towards setting up an online storefront. This guidance is a great way to keep our economy strong and might be just what your offline business needs. Yes, the idea might seem overwhelming, however, BigCommerce not only makes the transition easy but helps get it done in record time.

With the process broken down into 3 major pieces, you can create a framework that becomes easy to follow, making the transformation of your existing physical store into an online shop as simple as possible. To get an idea of what the process looks like, here is an example of a great framework to follow:

1. Laying the groundwork with pre-launch preparation.

  • Determine your primary customers
  • Choose your domain name
  • Selecting your initial product launch
  • Researching the competition
  • Payment methods and shipping costs

2. Optimizing your store.

  • Storefront design
  • Product descriptions
  • SEO content

3. Marketing your store.

  • Website performance
  • Outbound marketing strategy
  • Applying keywords


BigCommerce provides all the details for the components listed above and more in their handy Retail to e-Tail article. They are also offering an exclusive 3 Months FREE on all paid plans to provide additional support to your business during this trying time. Check out all you need to know about going from offline to online with BigCommerce, and start your free trial today!

Get 3 Months Free when you open your own Online Store and Grow Your Sales! Try it Free Now with BigCommerce!

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