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Game-changing App launches in UK to aid Parents

Educational app GoLexic is launching in the UK to support parents seeking an instantly available and affordable alternative remedial support for children with dyslexia during Covid-19.

It is the first online remediation programme for dyslexia to offer advanced speech recognition technology to understand individual difficulties to determine level and support with training.

Parents are under extreme pressure to be the main remedial support during Covid-19 while 1 million children could be falling out of the full-time education system according to a November 16 report from the Local Government Association.


GoLexic has launched to support parents with affordable home tutoring, with exercises built to be completed in 15/min or less, keeping the daily tasks for children to a minimum, and fitting well into today’s lock-down schedules.

Golexic founder hopes by giving parents tools to provide an early help level of support via the app, GoLexic will ultimately reduce children dropping out of full time education in later life.

The app is available in the UK iPad AppStore for a monthly £12.99 subscription fee and offers all subscribers a 2-week free trial to test the programme first.

In December, we are offering new subscribers 50% off their subscription for 6 months (the discount will be applied automatically to their subscription every month). They can request their voucher on our website or by DM on social media starting Dec. 1st.

GoLexic has launched in the UK as the first ever remediation programme for children with reading and writing difficulties that focuses on parents and children working together to improve skills.

Easily downloaded via Apple iPad, the app’s reading and writing exercises are structured so that children from aged 6+ can increase their reading and spelling skills at home. Each day, the app delivers a personalized 15 minute session for a focused and effective training that they can do by themselves or with parents.


According to the NHS it’s estimated up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia.

Last month education charity the Driver Youth Trust (DYT) released a report showing that while over £6 million has been spent on training specialist teachers to work with children with dyslexia, almost none of them now work in state schools and parents in the UK struggle to get easy to access and affordable support. The Local Government Association has warned in a recent report that a million young people in England could be missing formal full-time education, fuelled by significant gaps in education legislation, rising child support needs and a lack of funding.

GoLexic is designed as the first educational tool for dyslexia that uses advanced speech recognition to assess skills individually, and to personalise the exercises delivered by the programme. UK parents can now instantly access an affordable alternative to the traditional long and expensive journey towards treatment. The method has been developed by a team of experts in dyslexia and psycholinguistics, with more than 20 years of practical experience in helping children with dyslexia.

The company was founded by female entrepreneur Samantha Merlivat who grew up in a household with a dyslexic sibling and observed the lack-of-resource and challenges faced by her parents to support her brother’s reading skills. She set out to offer the most technologically advanced training possible, for a fraction of the price of a traditional intervention.

The GoLexic app was developed over the last 2 years with a global team bringing in experts and partners in the fields of advanced speech recognition and children-friendly user experience. Samantha conducted extensive testing to conclude that technology using speech recognition and smart-learning algorithms were a breakthrough way of understanding a children’s reading level and aiding support. A child with difficulty will read with hesitation, mistakes and some degree of repetition and stuttering. GoLexic is able to use breakthrough speech recognition technology to aid in understanding a child’s needs, and is sophisticated enough to be able to interpret from a child’s “imperfect” reading.

Samantha Merlivat says:

“I watched my brother struggle with dyslexia as a child and it impacted our entire family. Today I’m proud to be able to bring this solution to the UK. So many families need support for reading difficulties their child or children might be facing, yet parents have to wait months to even get an initial appointment for diagnosis. Even worse, it is often on the child to have to essentially prove that they fail consistently at school to qualify for support and by this time confidence has been undermined.

“We can now help parents and their children across the UK with a programme built to support them. GoLexic is designed to build esteem and confidence in reading and comprehension and offers the most technologically advanced training possible while being affordable and accessible for parents.”

The app is able to use the feedback it gets from listening to children read to assess their skills, identify areas that need to be improved, and determine the pace of the programme so parents do not need to diagnose the level their child is at before they start but are instead supported on this.


GoLexic is based in Berlin and was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Samantha Merlivat. Its mission is to make support for dyslexia and reading difficulties accessible to everyone, anywhere, without delay and without stigma. It was built to help children who face difficulties with reading and spelling, and to support those who care for them. The company worked with international schools in testing and developing the GoLexic app. To adapt to the disruption caused by Covid-19, GoLexic moved to a remote testing programme, with participants from across the globe, from the UK and Germany to New Zealand. The app is available in the UK iPad AppStore for a monthly £12.99 subscription fee and offers all subscribers a 2-week free trial to test the programme first.

The company’s mission is to offer an innovative and convenient way for every family to get immediate access to an effective remediation programme, without compromising on quality of training. Children with learning differences, including dyslexia, can improve their reading and spelling skills tremendously if taught with the right tools and approaches. GoLexic is developing its programme in multiple languages, and plans to launch a German language app in 2021.

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