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How Emerging Technologies will impact the E-commerce Sector

In the world of Ecommerce, success is when you understand your audience and keep up with the ongoing trends. These are fast changing times and as the Ecommerce store owner you need to be on top of your game and make sure your business is growing.

Giving importance to customer experience, keeping up with the ongoing trends, using the latest technology, driving traffic to your Ecommerce store and having the ecommerce development solutions are the key factors you need to consider and implement to help expand your business and boost your sales.

Businesses are adopting innovative ways and latest technology to stay strong in the competitive world. With so much competition out there, it gets hard to succeed and stay relevant in the market. Incorporating the ongoing trends will put you in a better position compared to your competitors.

Emerging Technologies

The world of Ecommerce is constantly changing. Thanks to the new innovative technology. The latest technology plays a significant role in the online shopping industry. It has transformed the Ecommerce sector for better by adding the factor of trust and security to the customers who are purchasing something online.

In addition to this, the improved technology has made shopping online convenient for the tech-savvy Gen Z population.

To run a successful e-commerce business, you need to accept that change is the new constant and that hiring a freelance e-commerce consultant is crucial. It is the latest technological trends that shape the future of this industry. The switch from desktop to smartphones is just the beginning.

There are more innovations yet to make their mark in the industry. Incorporation of the following emerging technologies is expected to drive the growth of Ecommerce society even further. Here’s how emerging technologies will be a game- changer for the industry.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is finding its way into every sphere of life and the Ecommerce market is no exception.

By using AI, you can effectively use the customer data that you have collected and get a deeper analysis. With this analysis you can improve the way you personalise user experience (important sales driving factor, as you’ve seen above).

You can make use of ML technology to analyse and predict the sales patterns. In addition to this, you can further use AI to automate tasks, improve advertising strategies, personalised shopping experience, manage your inventory and many more.

Incorporating AI now enables you to stay ahead of your competitors as it becomes imperative in the future in implementing AI features. Automating customer support, marketing, workflow automation, etc are a great place to start your AI revolution.


One of the important factors for increasing your Ecommerce sales is by providing customer satisfaction. And one way to improve customer satisfaction is by personalising their experience. Studies suggest that personalising the customers’ experiences has a great influence on the sales with an increase of 25% in revenue.

Once the customers sign in to your Ecommerce website you get access to their data that they have provided such as demographics and location. You can use this data to individualize their experiences.

Individualization can be achieved by showing relevant products based on their previous searches, sending relevant notifications, saving their previous purchases, etc.

As price is one of the most important factors in shopping, offering personalised deals and discounts to their relevant products can attract your customers and make them become loyal to your Ecommerce store.

Providing seamless and multiple payment options

Online transactions is one of the aspects that pull customers away from shopping online. However, the world is moving into the era of complete digitization. With this, people are now expecting innovations that help them get digitized.

With the rise in payments via mobile, it is imperative for you to include them as a payment option in addition to cash on delivery, credit card and debit card payment methods.


Recently with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a conventional payment “Buy now pay later” has become popular. This enables the consumer to increase their purchasing capacity. Stores both online and offline have increased their sales tremendously by including this method as an option for payment.

So including this method for payment for Ecommerce can also increase your sales. You have little to worry about collecting your money as it is done by companies that enable this payment method.

At the end these options enable for a smooth checkout process and increase your sales. While providing multiple payment options, you need to ensure that you are not compromising on the security. Choose an Ecommerce script that secures every transaction made from your app.

Investing in AR and VR technology

Augmented reality and Virtual reality provide the consumer with a real life image of the product. This is a great marketing strategy, especially during the pandemic, when people are confined at their homes making it difficult for them to experience the joy of shopping, dining out, etc.

Augmented and virtual reality technology are growing rapidly to suffice this void. This gives the customers a better way of choosing products, virtually replicating the real process.

AR and VR technology is predicted to be widely used by businesses in the near future. Several ecommerce platforms even started experimenting with this innovative technology. Investing in this technology right now will give you ample time to tweak and improve it according to your needs.

Optimizing for smartphones

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The use of the internet from smartphones has greatly increased over the past decade.

Currently, more than 50 percent of the internet traffic comes from smartphones. Making  responsive and mobile first websites has become a ritual.

You can also improve your customers shopping experience by optimizing for mobile commerce. You can achieve this by regressive testing of your mobile store’s designs and usability.

This ultimately helps you to grow your business further and to attain brand awareness.

Voice and visual search

You have to work on redesigning your website to support vocal and visual searches. As even the smallest of the small towns are getting equipped digitally, the businesses can focus on language driven services by providing the options of vernacular languages. Voice Assistants have become so common in households.

With the majority of millennials preferring voice assistants to do their search, you as a marketer should focus on developing content that can be comprehensible by these devices to increase your discoverability.

Businesses should now focus on adding more images on their website to increase the visual search. Though these options are in the experimental phase, by incorporating these options on your website you will be able to serve your customers well.

Make best use of chatbot technology

parental control

With most businesses switching to use virtual assistants like chatbots to reply to customer inquiries and also to process and customize customer orders, this technology is becoming prevalent in the ecommerce sector. It is necessary for you to include chatbots for your ecommerce business if you haven’t invested in one.

Chatbot technology comes with its own added advantages. With each passing day, chatbots are becoming better at handling the most complex human interactions. Chatbots help in providing seamless assistance to your customers 24X7. They act upon simple customer requests, queries and issues that can be resolved easily.

Apart from this, chatbots are also deployed on a site to engage with visitors to enhance their shopping experience and also act as customer support while handling calls from customers.

Using social media platforms for marketing

kik messenger

Traditional one- way marketing concepts are now replaced with conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is made possible with the advent of social media platforms. Social media is an ever increasing platform. It has assumed an important role in the marketing industry as it fetches a high ROI.

Collaborating with social media influencers for your marketing campaign increases traffic to your ecommerce store. In addition to this, you can start posting about your products on different social media platforms, with catchy captions and generate a market where your customer is.

This traffic can be made into conversion by optimising your store for greater customer experience.

As mentioned earlier, change is the only constant when it comes to technology and ecommerce business. You need to keep up with the pace by integrating your business with new technological trends.

The more you delay in integrating these changes, the lesser will be your chances of excelling in this field. Don’t hesitate to take professional help when necessary.

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