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How to Clone Windows 10 to New Hard Drive with Secure Boot

If you’re planning to upgrade your computer’s hard drive or replace it with a new one, you might be wondering how to transfer your Windows 10 operating system to the new drive. Cloning your Windows 10 installation to a new hard drive is a quick and easy way to migrate your data and settings without having to reinstall your operating system from scratch.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to clone Windows 10 to new hard drive, and recommend you the best Windows 10 migration tool to finish the task without booting issues.

What is the best cloning software to migrate Windows 10?

To clone Windows 10 to a new hard drive, you’ll need cloning software. There are many free and paid options available, but we recommend using a reliable and trusted disk clone software like AOMEI Backupper Professional. This software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that makes cloning a breeze.

This best clone program can help you clone Windows 10 to a new hard drive, replace HDD with SSD, or copy SSD to SSD in Windows 10 without reinstalling your system, and make the cloned new drive boot up correctly. It is designed for all mainstream Windows systems as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. You can benefit a lot from some of its listed advantages:

● With its System Clone feature, you can easily migrate Windows 10 operating system, system settings, installed apps and personal files on the system partition(s) to new hard drive.
● It supports cloning Windows 10 system between two MBR or GPT disks, or cloning MBR disk to GPT and vice versa.
● You can also use Disk Clone to clone the entire system disk, not only system partition(s), but also other data partitions.

In the next part, you can learn more details and the simple steps to accomplish Windows 10 migrate to new hard drive.

Clone Windows 10 to new hard drive with AOMEI Backupper

Before you begin to clone Windows 10 to new hard drive:

● Since the target new hard drive will be overwritten during the cloning process, it is recommended to backup important files inside in advance.
● Shut down your computer and install the new hard drive into an available bay. If you’re replacing your existing hard drive, you’ll need to remove it first.
● Download and install AOMEI Backupper, the best Windows 10 migration tool on your PC.

Then follow the step-by-step guide to finish clone Windows 10:

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Backupper, click on Clone button and select System Clone in the next window. If you want to clone hard drive, select Disk Clone instead.

Windows 10

Note: The “System Clone” feature in the free trial can only be demonstrated. To make the cloning process proceed, you’ll need to upgrade to the full version of AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Step 2. The program will automatically select the system related partition(s) that need to be cloned. Select the new hard drive as the destination path and click “Next” to continue.

Windows 10

Step 3. Here is the operation preview which shows you the Windows 10 OS drives will be cloned to new hard drive. Then, click “Start Clone” to migrate Windows 10. After the process is finished, please restart your computer.

Windows 10

● SSD Alignment: If you are migrating Windows 10 to SSD, you can check it to improve SSD’s read and write speed and prolong its lifespan.
● Sector By Sector Clone: It is applied to clone all the sectors no matter used or not. If you want to migrate Windows 10 OS to new drive with only used sectors copied, just keep the default intelligent mode.

Final thoughts

It can be a simple process to clone Windows 10 to new hard drive with the help of reliable OS migration software – AOMEI Backupper Professional, without having to reinstall your operating system from scratch. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition and avoid losing any important data. If the cloned new hard drive won’t boot, it also helps you get familiar with how to make cloned drive bootable with ease.

AOMEI Backupper is such an all-in-one data protection solution, it can not only help you clone system or disk, but also provide you backup, restore, sync, and other tools to continuously safeguard your computer data. Why not give it a try now?

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