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How to Draw on a Computer Using a Digital Tablet ?

Drawing with a digital tablet and a computer may seem complicated if you haven’t before. Besides, some digital tablets mustn’t be connected to the computer before you can start drawing.

However, experts prefer to draw on their digital tablets while their art is displayed on the computer. Somehow, it makes drawing much easier and the computer has a wider screen too.

If you are new to drawing on a computer with a digital tablet, this guide is for you. Keep reading.

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Devices and Tips

Below are some tips and devices for drawing on a PC with your digital tablet.

• An hour or more of daily practice ;
• Ability to use Gimp, or Google ;
• Skillful in moving your hand smoothly ;
• A bit of creativity ;
• Ability to perceive what is on the screen.

Devices needed :

• A computer ;
• A digital tablet, preferably with drivers ;
• Gimp or Photoshop. Whatever you can work with.


The Basics of Drawing With a Digital Tablet

Now that the majority of the devices and requirements are sorted out, here are some basics of working on a drawing.

• Always hold your stylus just like you hold a pen for smooth movement ;
• Also, ensure that you put the stylus on your digital tablet. Then you can freely move your hand and watch how the cursor moves ;
• You don’t need to look at your hand while working, you may make mistakes. Simply look at the screen. And don’t forget to maintain the right posture while drawing.


The Right Drawing Tablet

Frankly, using the wrong drawing tablet would mess up the whole idea. A good drawing tablet makes the process of drawing on a computer easier and faster. However, make sure your drawing tablet has the following features :

• High resolution ;
• Medium-sized drawing tablets for easy movements ;
• Compatibility with most drawing software programs ;
• Durable ;
• Compatibility with your computer OS ;
• Affordable.


Digital Art Projects to Improve your Drawing Skills

Since you are new to combining the use of a computer and a digital tablet, it’s better to start with simple projects. Drawing tablets are easy to use because they offer you the same experience as if you are drawing on paper with a pen. You can start with simple art projects like:

• Drawing shapes and objects ;
• Sketch a simple plain house or other things like a cube, bird ;
• Learn to paint your simple drawings ;
• Create a complementary card.


Wrapping Up

In the past, graphic designers had to struggle to make a straight line using a mouse on a computer. But with the drawing tablet, artists still enjoy the feeling of drawing on paper and pen. drawing tablets act as digital paper and pen to execute your drawing while the computer basically displays the image.

Finally, don’t be in a hurry to transition into drawing with your drawing tablet and computer. You can find more information here about how to improve the use of a drawing tablet. Meanwhile, visit here for the best drawing tablets available.

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