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How to turn off Apple News+

If you’ve signed up for a free trial but aren’t thrilled with the service or can’t find time to read, cancel before Apple requires you. Note that when you cancel a trial or subscription, your access to Apple News + will be terminated immediately, unlike Apple Music and some other services, whose access will end before the end of the billing period. As a result, if you want to cancel but miss the renewal date, you can insert a reminder a few days ahead next month.

After unsubscribing, you can visit the news portal: – which has all the latest news in the world!

Canceling Apple News+ on Mac

To unsubscribe from your Mac, follow these steps:

  • Open the News app.
  • Choose File>Manage Subscriptions. News launches the App Store app and opens a dialog box that displays your subscriptions.
  • click “Edit” to the right of Apple News +.
  • Click “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Subscriptions.”
  • Click “Confirm.”

If you prefer, you can cancel iTunes. Click this link to go directly to the iTunes subscription screen, or choose Account>View My Account, scroll down to Subscriptions, and click Manage. From there, the process is the same as in the App Store app.

Disabling Apple News+ in iOS

  • Open the settings.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Select News.
  • Turn off Allow notifications.

Disable automatic update of Apple News + until the end of the trial version

Apple News +

There are several ways to cancel auto-update. The first method below is the fastest and easiest option, so I would go with that. But you can still use the second one, especially if you want to know what types of other subscriptions are connected to your Apple ID, like Apple Music, Netflix or another service.

Method 1: Cancel from the news app

In the News app, open the “Subscriptions” tab and scroll to the end of the page. Click “Manage Subscriptions,” then select “Cancel Free Trial” on the “Change Subscriptions” page. You will be prompted to “Confirm,” warning that you will lose access to all of its magazines. Cancellation is immediate, so even if you have time for the remaining trial, you won’t do it after you cancel. Do it the day before the expiration date if you want to experience the entire month before it ends.

Method 2: Cancel from Apple ID settings

This is a longer method, but it still works, and it will allow you to see all of your Apple ID subscriptions, not just the news + one. Accessing your account settings, where your list of subscriptions is located, can be done in a variety of ways, so just pick the one you like best.

  • Settings -> Your Name -> iTunes App Store -> Your Apple ID -> View Apple ID
  • Settings -> iTunes App Store -> Your Apple ID -> View Apple ID
  • App Store -> Your Profile Picture -> Your Name -> View Apple ID
  • iTunes Store -> Your Apple ID (bottom) -> View Apple ID

After you select “View Apple ID,” you’ll need to either enter your password or use Face ID or Touch ID to continue. On the account settings page, scroll down and select “Subscriptions,” then click “Apple News” in the list of active subscriptions. You can also see any other subs you have in case you need to do a general cleaning of your digital wallet.

Now, just like in method 1, click “Cancel Free Trial” and then “Confirm” in the pop-up window. The popup warns you that you will lose access to all of its logs. This is immediate, so if you want to get the most out of your free trial, cancel the day before it expires. After canceling, the only way to view News + magazines again is to sign up for the $9.99 monthly fee. THE FEE IS $9.99.

While you can cancel your free Apple Music trial immediately after signing up, this does not apply to Apple News+, and is probably a rule that has been implemented and agreed upon by all publishers to prevent users from opting out before they have to pay up.

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