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Is Livestreaming at Corner the next big thing for Social Media?

With livestreaming taking the world by storm, social e-commerce platform Corner is launching a mobile application that helps users improve their influencer marketing campaigns, boost sales, and monetize their actions.

Corner is a social e-commerce platform for streaming, buying, and sharing your shopping experiences with friends.

Poland-based startup company Corner has been making waves ahead of its launch on the first quarter of 2021. The Corner mobile application allows users to stream, buy, and share their shopping experiences with friends.

“The app seeks to merge streaming video, social media and influencers into a complete shopping experience. The mobile app allows our users — whether they are influencers or store owners— build their own shopping channel that also serves as an e-commerce platform. Those looking to buy stuff can also browse the top picks and trends,” one of the co-founders, Jakub Chmielniak, said in a recent press statement.

Corner is pushing to make headway in the social e-commerce industry by offering an interactive livestream feature that will help users boost their sales. Livestreams take place in real-time, usually on a mobile phone, and have proved to be a highly effective platform of merging the offline shopping experience with online purchasing.

Users will have the chance to increase their influencer marketing sales to up to 73 percent by using the Corner plugin. It doesn’t charge users anything for streaming on the app.

The Corner plugin helps users gain 1,000 daily new customers watching their streams on the app’s marketplace. This translates to bigger presence on the app, and in turn, bigger sales and better store performance.

“Online shopping is an increasing massive social experience with the pandemic providing a big boost. Popular influencers have turned to livestreaming to share their shopping trips and experiences. Corner users who are looking to scale up their influencer marketing campaigns or those looking to buy or follow brands and online stores would greatly benefit from the app,” Jakub added.

Corner helps users drive new traffic and sales to their webstores via interactive livestreams. It plans to partner with multinational e-commerce companies like Aliexpress, Answear, Zalando and has already onboarded multiple brands like Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, Carpatree, Local Heroes or Femi Stories. They also plan to reach platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento, among others, to provide its users with all the things needed to create and boost their businesses online.

When users click the “Streams” section of the mobile application, they can watch live shows to see what’s currently hot and trending.

On the “Shop” section, users can explore new brands and find the best products from different categories. The application also allows them to connect with friends to mutually share their shopping experiences via its “Messages” feature.

On their profiles, users can follow trendsetters, save their favorite products and show off what they bought.

“It’s basically shopping reimagined. They can ask questions and receive live answers right away. They can see products in action not just as static pictures. It gives our users more power and more space. It helps unleash the potential of brand ambassadors and influencers,” Jakub added.

Corner is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

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