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JUNG brings together KNX and SmartThings

The best of two worlds: KNX visualisation servers from JUNG are now able to connect to the smart home solution from Samsung. KNX is the gold standard for smart buildings. Samsung products are located in many households – ranging from a smart TV to a robot vacuum cleaner to a networked fridge. A collaboration is now bringing both worlds together.


JUNG, the specialist for KNX, builds the bridge to SmartThings. The smart home system of the same name is Samsung’s platform for home networking. SmartThings links household appliances of the manufacturer but also products of other brands with a central app and controller. Radio standards such as Z-Wave and Zigbee are used in addition to WLAN. As a member of the Matter Alliance, SmartThings will also integrate the upcoming smart home standard across different manufacturers.

JUNG server as a link


The communication takes place via the existing LAN connection: a Smart Visu Server or the JUNG Visu Pro establish contact to the SmartThings cloud with the myJUNG cloud. The only prerequisite: a Samsung account which the users of SmartThings have at their disposal. After the registration, JUNG ensures bidirectional communication between both systems.


This creates new possibilities which extend the functional scope of the house installation. Products which are integrated in the smart home on the Samsung side can be controlled with KNX and vice versa. Classic JUNG push-buttons thus also operate SmartThings devices or trigger scenarios which have been created in the Samsung app.

The fridge speaks KNX

Real-time information about the KNX installation appears on the screen of Samsung Family Hub™. The touchscreen becomes an operating panel for KNX functions. And in the living-room, the smart TV can activate a lightscene for a relaxing movie night.

If you want to switch off the light during the film you just use a command on the voice-operated remote control of the Samsung TV. The KNX home also listens to Bixby via the connection to SmartThings. Thus, there is a third voice assistant available in addition to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The systems of JUNG and Samsung complement each other as if they had always belonged together.

JUNG stands for pure design and future-oriented building technology. Innovation, passion and preci-sion have been guiding our product developments for more than 100 years. Light, shading, air condi-tioning, energy, security, door communication and multimedia – JUNG systems provide the appropri-ate solution for every requirement. Aesthetic design combined with intelligent smart home and smart building technology. The products are manufactured 90% in Germany as shown by the TÜV Nord test seal “Made in Germany”. With its commitment to production in Germany, JUNG also focuses on sus-tainable and resource-efficient manufacturing processes. The team spirit and unity of the roughly 1,600 employees in Germany along with the 20 subsidiaries and over 70 representatives in Europe, the Far East and Middle East, in Asia and North America make a significant contribution to putting the aspira-tion “Progress as a tradition” boldly and creatively into action.

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