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New E-learning Course enhances Skills and Accessibility when assisting Patients with sight Loss

A new e-learning course for healthcare staff and professionals to develop their knowledge of visual impairment has been launched by award-winning social businessman Dan Williams of Visualise Training and Consultancy.

‘Sight Loss Champion’ provides learners with the practical skills and confidence needed to effectively assist people with sight loss. It also highlights how to refer patients for vital support.

It covers sight loss facts and myths, eye conditions and their effects, emotional impacts, certification and registration, referrals to support services, accessibility, assistive technologies, communication, mobility and sighted guiding.

Having lived with sight loss from childhood, Dan fully appreciates the challenges it can present. However, thanks to his lived and professional experiences, he understands what support is needed and has designed the course accordingly.

He says, “Clinicians would often use medical jargon when talking to me rather than using terms I could understand.

There are many emotional and practical challenges when living with a visual impairment, so I wanted to design a course that will raise awareness, knowledge and skills.

There is often a fear of offending someone by offering assistance, but the skills gained by learners gives them the confidence to overcome this.

Healthcare professionals are generally the first point of contact in a person’s sight loss journey so have an important role in empowering patients to access the support they need to move their lives forward.”

The course provides an ideal induction or refresher tool which can be completed online from any location and it can also be used for CPD evidence if applicable.

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