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New NFT Crocs League Game predicted to go Viral Online and estimates $10m in sales on the First Week of launch

A new interactive NFT collection predicted to go viral and estimates $10m in sales on the first week of launch.

The Crocs League is a collection of 4,444 unique animated cartoon crocodiles. The crocodiles come in various different fun characters and styles.

The interactive element to the Crocs League game will launch in January 2022 which will have offer the ability to challenge other Crocs to fight, and also to breed Crocs to get hybrid new collectables.

There has already been a huge amount of interest in the platform with thousands pre-registrations so far for the Crocs League NFTs which are available to buy from early October at a floor price of 0.07 ETH (currently $200).

The launch is set for early October and pre-registration has been boosted by a promised $50,000 give-away to their holders in the first month only. The beta release of the Crocs Blockchain play-to-earn Game will be announced later this year which will give special access and extra bonuses to Crocs League holders.

Crocs League has been devised by crypto-entrepreneur and NFT artist Andrew Brown, aka Doctor Troller.

Andrew Brown said: “The collectables are beautiful and colourful caricatures of crocodiles that are fun to collect, but we also have a brand new interactive game element where you will be able to fight and breed your Crocs against other owners. We believe this is going to open up the NFT collectables market to a younger generation of gamers and fans of comics and graphic novels.

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