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Orca offers Free Shares to Anyone who uses the Platform

Orca’s referral programme has been a great success with many of its customers receiving free stocks. The programme has started after the app’s official launch and the pre-launch giveaway.

With over 16,000 users onboard, Orca provides free stocks up to £200 worth for everyone who invites their friends to the application.

Conditions for participation are quite simple:

  • users need to register, pass through the KYC procedure and open a GIA
  • get a unique referral code in a user’s profile
  • invest in 3 or more different assets with different tickers
  • share the code with friends

A user gets a free share each time:

  • their friend (colleague, subscriber, etc) passes the KYC with opening a GIA
  • invest in 3 different assets as well

Having that said, by the means of the referral programme, Orca wants to attract more users and allow them to enjoy a smooth and easy investing experience.

About Orca

Orca is a brand-new investment app, whose key feature is its simplicity. The app supports over 250 stocks and ETFs from the London Stock Exchange.

The app is remarkable for its clear interface, easily digestible education flow, transparent fees, and full information and news about the stocks and ETFs available. All these features help to significantly speed up the onboarding process, so people can start investing effectively, regardless of their experience.

As of writing, Orca is used among 17,000 users from Britain.

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