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Pod Development’s Philip Doleman Launches New Mirror Buildings

In recent times most businesses are streamlining and planning to sit tight until the recent pandemic is over.

Bucking the trend is Manchester’s Pod Developments Ltd. The company, which installs designer eco-friendly buildings throughout the UK, is set to release it latest design and is already taking orders.

The new buildings are a departure from the traditional curved pod buildings that have become synonymous with their brand, and they think they will be a big hit with the travel and tourism industry.

Pod Development’s Philip Doleman launches new mirror buildings

Philip Doleman the director of Pod Developments commented “The new buildings are called ‘Infinity Cubes’ in reference to the way they interact with their surroundings.

This is our first square or more traditionally shaped building, but the design is breath-taking.

We are always trying to raise the bar with our designs, and we build lots of bespoke buildings, but the simplicity of the new design really sets it apart.

The new buildings are completely mirrored and look more like art installations than buildings.

The fact that they totally reflect the environment means that they are at one with nature and offer a fun and exciting experience for the users of the buildings.”.

Eco Classroom Liverpool
Eco Classroom Liverpool

Pod Developments have been working on the new designs for 2 years to ensure that not only could the Infinity Cubes be installed quickly, but that they also have a long lifespan like traditional brick buildings and are not cost prohibitive.

Philip Doleman said “There are some external mirror cladding options on the market, but the products generally only come with a 5 year external warranty which would not be good enough for our clients.

We also had to overcome issues with rusting of the metal, and a fixing system that meant we would offer a flat finish that could be installed without any screws showing. Working with mirrors is very unforgiving as any deviations in the cladding, gaps, or visible fixings would stand out tenfold and ruin the elegance of the design.

We feel we have achieved this with a system developed in-house and by using material specifications that are not available in this reflective finish.”.

Eco-friendly buildings
Eco-friendly buildings and pods are perfect for the modern leisure

The company is currently installing a large mirrored building for a commercial client in Cornwall but feel the new style will also be a big pull for the leisure industry.

Philip Doleman stated “The idea is to place the Infinity Cubes in places of natural beauty for clients that have holiday business. They will really appeal to the growing market in eco-tourism and clients looking for quirky accommodation that is an experience that cannot be matched by a normal hotel room.

There is a feeling that the UK is going to see a large boost in staycations, so our clients are starting to gear up for this. On top of this, the uniqueness of the design will attract visitors from all over the world when it is safe to travel internationally again.”.

Pod Developments will be installing the new designs for clients this summer and we can’t wait to see them.

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