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Quiet Mark now accredits 8 Meaco products

Meaco is delighted that the MeacoDry20L ‘ABC’ Dehumidifier becomes the eighth Meaco product to have achieved the Quiet Mark accreditation. Meaco products are renowned for low noise levels. The company prioritises manufacturing products that are low in noise and low on energy consumption.

The ‘ABC’ 20L joins the smaller ‘ABC’ 10L and 12L models, the 12L Low Energy dehumidifier, and the company’s family of cooling fans as Quiet Mark accredited products. After extensive testing, the 20L was found to be one of the quietest products in its category. Quiet Mark is the international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society, and Meaco is the only  manufacturer to have achieved this award for its dehumidifiers.


With more people currently working from home, products that are “whisper” quiet can make for a better work/home lifestyle, helping to reduce stress, and noise levels are becoming an important feature when making a buying decision. Quiet Mark awarded products have each been tested and approved as one of the lowest noise performance products in their category. Recent consumer research by Quiet Mark confirmed that 76% of UK customers want quieter home appliances.

Reaching these low noise levels have enabled customers to use the dehumidifiers in and around their bedroom and in particular for the fans to be used close up whether that be on a work desk, in the living room whilst watching TV or by the bed to improve sleep.

MeacoDry20L Bedroom Quietmark

With news of the latest certification achievement Poppy Szkiler Founder and CEO of Quiet Mark said,

“We are delighted these Meaco dehumidifiers have achieved Quiet Mark certification, providing acoustic performance which does not intrude, whilst delivering the core function of reducing humidity in summer and condensation in winter.”

Until recently smaller Meaco dehumidifiers, ideal for up to three-bedroom homes, held the Quiet Mark accreditation. Operating at 44dB (A), this latest award for the ABC 20L shows that you can have a larger model for use in larger homes, without compromising on noise level. The model is also energy efficient and the environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant means that it extracts more water from the air for less money.

Chris Michael, Meaco MD comments

“We’re proud to receive the Quiet Mark accreditation for the latest Meaco product to undergo testing. We continually strive to produce quieter and more energy efficient machines and are determined to give our customers the best products available.”

The full range of Meaco Quiet Mark products is:

All Meaco products come with a two-year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option of extending the warranty to a total of five years.

Meaco no longer uses any polystyrene packaging on its fans and humidifiers but 100% recyclable cardboard eggshell packaging as part of its commitment to the environment.

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