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RecordCast: The Best Online Service to Record Screen

The videos have become a type of content now mandatory for any communications strategy and online marketing, particularly social media. They allow us to tell a product, a service, a company, and, above all, when they are transformed into tutorials, they ensure that the information content creates such a value to overshadow the price in purchasing decisions.

I often work with companies with excellent specific software but struggle to bring out their product’s value because they don’t invest time in creating dedicated tutorials. Here then comes an online service that allows you to create tutorials and record any video on the screen, quickly and above all, for free.

What’s RecordCast?

The service is called RecordCast, and quickly and intuitively, it allows us to create video tutorials, with the possibility of maintaining “real” eye contact with our users, by inserting an icon for the webcam to show the video of who is speaking. In this article, I want to show you a little more about this free tool to take training, information, and evaluations to my clients.

Instead of installing complicated software, RecordCast configures it and then brings a simple and integrated solution directly to your browser. In practice, it is a tool that can be used by all those who are not familiar with video editing and other skills of this type.


Here are simple steps for usage:

1. Open the RecordCast Screen Recorder website;

2. Click the Start Recording button, and then there are three audio recording options;

➢ Microphone Audio: Microphone audio
➢ System Audio: Browser or app audio
➢ No Audio: Do not record audio


3. After selecting the plan you need, click the Share your Screen button;

4. Then select the interface you need to record in the shared screen window that pops up;

➢ Your entire screen: record computer as the whole screen content
➢ Application window: Record a program interface you specify. After you open the application, you want to record and do not minimize it, and then click the Start screen recording button to display it
➢ Chrome tab: select a Chrome tab to record


5. Finally, tap the share button to start recording, and a recording banner will be displayed at the bottom of the screen;

6. After recording, click the stop sharing button to return to the web page automatically;

➢ Tap the Download button, and you can download the video directly to the local (download is in WebM format by default)
➢ Click the Edit This Screencast Now button to upload the video and enter the video editor automatically, and you can edit the video here or finally download the video in mp4 format.


Final words

Although not professional as well as there is no video editor and many other important features, but with RecordCast, you just need to simply manipulate to record the computer screen video. In particular, the RecordCast screen recorder can be accessed by a browser, suitable for those who use it outside of the bar to play games, then edit the video and upload it on YouTube.

Any questions, problems, or ideas about RecordCast in use? Please comment below!

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