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The Main Benefits of an Ultrasonic Cleaner: What You Need to Know

The ultrasonic cleaning process has proven to be one of the most effective – if not the most effective – ways of cleaning various parts and components, and it has been widely used in different industries for years.

If you run an automotive shop or jewellery store, if you have a medical laboratory, a food processing plant, and more, the ultrasonic cleaning solution may be just what you require.

Many industries have already taken advantage of ultrasonic cleaning, especially since we have more intricate and smaller parts. If you are keen to learn more about ultrasonic cleaners and why they are worth more than other washers, here are the main benefits of an ultrasonic cleaner: what you need to know.

• It saves you time. Imagine the time you or your staff can save if you have an ultrasonic cleaner or rely on an ultrasonic cleaning service. Instead of spending hours cleaning different parts and components, your workers can concentrate on other tasks and leave the cleaning to the ultrasonic cleaner. A standard ultrasonic cleaner can emit as much as 40,000 sound pulses each second, with every pulse emitted serving to clean the surface of any part or component. The high-frequency waves produced by sonic cleaning are immensely effective, removing any contaminants better and faster than other kinds of cleaning processes.
• It provides gentle yet thorough cleaning. Some parts and components are undeniably delicate and fragile, requiring utmost care when being cleaned. This is another reason why ultrasonic cleaners are a more in-demand cleaning solution than others. Ultrasonic cleaners provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning process. The cleaner can remove all contaminants with no need for any harsh or vigorous scrubbing, abrasion, or intense, high-pressure spraying. Did you know that ultrasonic cleaners are used for microchips, plated components, computer components, and family jewellery and heirlooms? It’s proof of how well the cleaner works, and it also shows how suitable it is for even the most delicate or fragile items.
• It can remove all contaminants. As mentioned, ultrasonic cleaners can do away with whatever contaminants you can think of – from oil to wax to grease, dirt, clay, dust, sand, shavings, soot, parting compounds, oxidation, and carbon, amongst others. The amount of flexibility you can get from an ultrasonic cleaner is astounding, and it can deliver the most efficient cleaning and do away with even microscopic particles.
• It tackles a variety of parts and components. With ultrasonic cleaners, no part or component is too challenging to clean. Since the high-frequency sound waves and detergent can penetrate various surfaces, ultrasonic cleaning offers a truly deep clean. It can penetrate the narrowest of openings or passageways, cracks, crevices, and holes, making the part as clean on the inside as on the outside.
• It doesn’t consume too much energy. When you compare ultrasonic cleaners to other cleaning solutions and systems, ultrasonic cleaners don’t consume as much energy. Other systems often make use of motors for spraying, pumping, agitating, circulating, and capturing the chemicals for cleaning. Still, ultrasonic cleaners make use of only a single motor for filtering the cleaning solution. The ultrasonic cleaning process uses transducers and electric energy, which translates into the more efficient use of power and lower energy consumption.

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