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Ultimate Mobile Phone Tracker Software for Digital Parenting

There are plenty of mobile tracking apps are floating on the web but you can guarantee which one is the best one for online parenting. On the other side, the bombardment of cellphones has made possible for the user to use it to communicate with friends and family. However, young teens are using handsets connected to the internet to use social media and for browsing activities.

That’s why teens got encounters with online predators and to watch carnal content. That’s why parents are scared and concerned to perform digital parenting on children’s devices by using mobile phone tracking software.

What is the mobile phone tracking app?

Digital Parenting

It is one of the best and all-time greatest mobile tracking app. It is particularly developed for the online parenting of children to know about their digital activities on handsets. Use can use it on the children’s device once you have installed it on a target device having physical access. You can use its powerful and exclusive features to track instant messaging apps, screen activities, surrounds chat, email, browsing activities, keystrokes, and many more dozens of tools. The application has a user –friendly interface and easy to navigate on the target device to upload information to its web portal.


TheOneSpy mobile surveillance software is fully compatible with all contemporary android devices and even works on the latest OS version 10. Moreover, the target person would not have a clue because it remains hidden on the target device.

How to use a mobile phone tracking app?

You have to get your hands on the best mobile tracking software by visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Once you have got access to the web page then you need to get the license. In addition to that, you need to get access to email to get credentials and get physical access on the target handset. Now start the process of installation and get access to the online control panel after you have completed the process of installation. Once you have activated the web portal then you need to follow the mentioned tools to make sure kids online safety by digital parenting.

Use Best mobile phone tracker app Features for online parenting

Call recording

You can get ingress into the territory of the target device and record live phone calls and save the data to a web portal.

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording of cellphone screen using screen recorder software. Moreover, start making a short series of videos and deliver them to an online dashboard.

Browsing activities

You can get to know every single visited website and bookmarked webpages on a target device with a time stamp.


You can remotely capture screenshots and further send multiple commands using a web portal and get plenty of ones.

Remote tracker

You can view installed apps, block the internet remotely, block incoming live calls, and text messages on a target cell phone.

Email tracker

You can read emails sent or received and get to know about the attachments using email tracker software.

Surround recording

You can control target cellphone device MIC, cameras using MIC bugging, and camera bugging tools. So, you can record and listen to surround voices and videos respectively.


TheOneSpy mobile phone surveillance app is the best tool for parents to know about the secret activities of children on cellphone devices.

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