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Useful Apps and Games to Have on Phone

Gaming on mobiles is becoming a trend these days and android games are reaching new levels of popularity. Most mobile games have a glowing reputation. These gaming apps are a treat for smartphone users. The quality of these apps and games on smartphones is getting improved day by day. These are useful as well as entertaining so that you can easily pass your free time. These are the best of the best games, so without further delay, we should jump into the list of the best android games available right now.

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1. Pin Pull Rescue Puzzle Game

In the challenging pin pull game, you engage your time in saving yourself and the princess. This game is developed with the idea of testing your IQ level and efficiency. This pin game consists of different ranks starting with the basics and getting tough one by one. This game teaches you to avoid obstacles and hurdles while saving your princess. The game contains mind-blowing sounds and visuals along with good animation. This game is fun for everyone along with the features of improving intelligence. We strongly recommend you have this game on your smartphone to get rid of boredom.

2. Stocker – 加密貨幣, 股票, 投資組合管理

It is a portfolio and investment management app that is also called all in one investment portfolio. In the same portfolio, you can, stocks of different countries such as British stocks, Japanese stocks, etc, and cryptocurrencies at the same time. Image monitoring, gains, and losses, multiple indicators, and comparison of different indicators are its special features. Moreover making profit charts, and calculating commissions are basic functions of it. If you are using this app you must agree to its terms and conditions.

3. Ritual Fit: 30-Minute Fitness

Ritual fit – 30 minute workout app is high-quality audio coaching for your workout. This app tells you to build rituals that work for you. You just have to give 30 minutes to it if you want to get fitter on daily basis. This app gives you a complete guided trainer that makes you properly utilize your time to make you stronger. It consists of thousands of audios because every person has a different body shape and requires a trainer accordingly. It provides you with a full-body workout without any gym equipment. This useful app must be on your mobile if you wanna achieve proper workout goals.

4. Call of duty: mobile

It is our pick for the most useful games of 2021. The call of duty game is so immensely popular that we didn’t even think for a second time while adding it to the list. The visual elements, game mechanics, main characteristics, and all the essential features make the game far less restrictive than competitive games. Moreover, this game does not annoy you with unnecessary ads all the time. This game is a blast and you will not regret installing it on your android.

5. Sky: Children of Light

Sky: Children of light is one of the best adventure games of this year. This game shows some mind-blowing graphics, customization of every character just how you want it to be, and many different worlds to explore. Interaction with other players and with or without chat is an additional attribute. You can also seek help from them while playing the game again some other person. The creators came out with this came to warm your hearts and let you enjoy your android journey. The game is filled with a beautifully animated kingdom.

6. The Room Series

The Room is a sequence of puzzle games. This series includes escape puzzle games having each room filled with mysterious products. There are 4 puzzles in this series and each one has incredible material to make you utilize your time. You can also call these mind games as one have to put a bit of stress on your mind to solve the riddles. But this game is the biggest hit by keeping your mind attentive as well as entertaining you. This series is a package for its players as it gives you four back-to-back games.

These smartphone apps are most addictive and entertaining by a large margin. You must get busy in some useful games to blow away your boredom and to improve your problem-solving skills and enhance prosocial behavior.

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