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What are Examples of Communication Technology?

Communication technology

Communication skills, including traditional and digital media such as mobile phones or the Web, require experts in their best practices in the world in terms of staying connected for business and social purposes. Read on to find out more about career choices in this paragraph.

Inside Communication Technology

Communication technology is disrupting businesses and communities by making the exchange of ideas and information more effective. Communication technology includes Internet, multimedia, email, phone and other audio and video media. Communication Technology experts develop and guide communication strategies, based on the needs of a particular company, industry or market. Bachelor degrees in communications technology programs may be (depending on their skill level) supporting professional computer labs, telecommunications, broadcasting technicians and web consultants.

Depending on your interests in communication technology salary, you can approach the topic from a technical or theoretical perspective.

Education information

Communication technology degree programs are available at the collegiate level, bachelors and graduates. These programs provide students with the knowledge and skills required by the industry, such as speech recognition, basic design, electronic and advanced materials, aerospace, computer science, information dissemination and communication communication, among other topics. To learn more about graduate options in this field of study, refer to the following articles.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Community Technology
  • Master in communication skills
  • Ph.D. Degree course in Community Technologies
  • IT and communication technology partners

A step to distance learning

Communication technology

You can choose to take advantage of the technology communication itself and learn through the online degree program around the object. These articles cover education away from other approaches related to communication skills.

  • Online Master in Communication
  • Circuit study Master in Computer Science
  • Online degree post in wireless communication

The work of choice

Moving from computer technologists to network and communications professionals, this communication technology offers a variety of career opportunities that may interest you.

  • Wireless communication technology
  • Technical communication technology
  • IT experts
  • Communication engineer
  • Maximizing equipment utilization

Employment Information

The field of communication technology encompasses a wide range of occupations that offer varying salaries and job prospects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment of telecommunications installers and repairers is anticipated to grow four percent in 2012-2022 while opportunities for computer support specialists are expected to grow 17% in the same time frame ( Broadcast engineering technicians can expect to see a nine percent job growth between 2012 and 2022.

According to BLS data from May 2013, the average annual wage was $54,030 for telecommunications equipment workers and $41,630 for broadcast technicians. Computer network support specialists made a mean income of $64,160, while computer user support specialists earned $50,450.

Types of Communication Technology


Alexander Graham Bell changed the way people talk with his patent on the telephone in 1876. In the past century, advances in technology have replaced the heavy equipment and cable of the original design and the clean microcircuit. These advances have also allowed the transition from landlines to wireless ones, saving people connected from remote locations. Globally, millions of people can talk to each other, grow businesses and improve relationships that may not survive long distances. Phones also allow instant communication and new technologies combine video and the Internet.

Cell phones, as well as their modern counterparts, include an adapter, fuel, model, switchboard, power source, and anti-sidetone circuit, all powered by new technologies.


In 1906, the first ceremonial radio broadcaster, Reginald Fessenden, popularized the ideas of music and speech through the airwaves of Guglielmo Marconi. This invention of the radio allowed the transmission of sound and information to a broad audience. Radio 1920s The golden age is over, and companies are promoting their products to consumers around the world. In the 1930s, radio became news, politics, waning practice and sports events, being distributed daily to millions of homes.


Television was announced to the public in 1946, although it had been appropriate since the late 1920s. Television detonated in homes around the world, going from 940,000 homes initially to 20 million by 1953. Suddenly companies were able to show, not just describe their products. Over the following decades, television has become a significant source of communication for a broad audience and has changed the political and cultural landscape forever. Suddenly people were able to see symbolic events, such as the first moon landing and the progress of the civil rights movement.

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