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5 Tips for Anyone Moving House in 2021

Moving house can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety with there being so many things for you to remember. We have come up with a guide to some handy tips to help anyone moving house in 2021.

Put All Your Stuff in a Self-Storage Unit

When moving home, at the beginning it can be difficult to envisage how you are possibly going to transfer all your stuff from your current home into your new one. It can seem like a mammoth task, particularly if you live in a cluttered family home where people hoard their possessions and don’t ever chuck things out such as clothes, toys, books, CDs, electronic items, and so on.

Getting a self-storage unit where you can safely and securely temporarily store all your home possessions in boxes and containers until your moving date when you can finally get into your new house can be a god send. If you’re looking for self-storage, you may want to have a look at Easy Access Self Storage who offer storage solutions for individuals and businesses with all units protected by 24-hour security.

Get a Home Removal Service or a Man with a Van to Transport All Your Possessions

If you are moving home out of one place, and moving straight into a new one, you will most likely require the services of a home removal service.

You should do your research and compare prices and quotes from different house removal companies. Things you should look out for include the company being fully insured, customer reviews, consider whether you could move everything yourself or a cheaper alternative.

One cheaper alternative to using a professional removal company is looking into getting a man with a van. The more men you employ to carry out the job and the bigger the size of the van, the more it will cost you.

Inform Others of Your Change of Address


It’s important to let your family and friends know you have moved, and it’s also vital for legal and administrative reasons to let your bank, the HMRC tax office, your employer, the electoral roll, and so on know about your new address.

Any bills or services you have subscribed to and pay for through your old address such as energy bills, insurance policies, TV packages, home deliveries from online stores, need to know your new address. Failure to inform service providers and companies of your change of address will cause you a real headache and make settling in difficult and mean that the moving process won’t go smoothly.

Join a Group Locally to Make Friends in Your New Area

There are always local clubs and social groups that you can join to meet new people in your new neighbourhood, whether it be an allotment, a sports club, the neighbourhood watch team, the Women’s Institute, a resident’s association. So, get out there and make the effort to be friendly and socialise with people living near to your new home. You may be able to form valuable lifelong bonds with your neighbours.

It Can Take a While to Settle into a New Home

The adaptation period for getting used and accustomed to a new home can take a while. There areso many things to sort out and arrange it can sometimes seem like too much. But be patient, this all normal and part of the process of moving house.

Moving house in 2021 is a big effort, but at least we now have digital technology to help us at any moment.

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