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Tips to Boost your Android Phone’s Battery

The battery of your phone is the most essential part to keep your phone in good working condition. Many reasons cause battery health issues regardless of whether you’re an Android user or an iOS. There are various sources that help to give an idea that how to boost phone battery like battery saver. In this article, we will tell you different ways and tips to keep it working for as long as possible. So let’s jump into this;

Power saving mode:

Power saving mode options come up in all the latest smartphones. If you want to keep your battery running in good health then you just consider switching into power-saving mode.

Samsung’s latest phones feature three different power saving modes.  Optimized mode maintains the balance between battery life and performance. Medium saving mode limits the data usage by lowering the brightness, resolution, etc.  Jumping onto maximum power-saving mode will limit only essential apps and turn down all the other background running apps to use battery life. Adaptive mode, on the other hand, limits those apps that you don’t use very often.

Reduce screen brightness:


Reducing screen brightness as low as possible extends the battery juice of your phone and you can use it for longer hours.

Set brightness of your phone or switch to dark mode:

Android phones come up with a dark mode or auto-brightness change option. Using this mode not only saves the battery juice but also feels nice to your eyes. You can adjust the brightness and even set the time when brightness should automatically shift on a certain level as per choice. All the latest phones that feature android 10 have this mode with a bunch of other options.

Keep track of your apps:

Keeping track and full control over the apps tells you which apps are draining your phone’s battery. By doing this, you can manage that specific app or you can stop it from running into the background once you’re done using it.


Latest Android devices, you can put apps to sleep more. Apps you are using occasionally, you can put them on deep sleep mode. Isn’t it amazing?

Moving Wallpaper and widgets:

Moving wallpaper keeps consuming your phone’s battery even when you’re not using it. So stay away from these kinds of wallpapers. We recommend you to put wallpaper with limited colors because display consumes more energy if your wallpaper is full of colors.

Widgets are the most convenient feature of an android phone. Since they’re available on your home screen, they will keep running. So choose widgets wisely.

Keep your phone updated:

Updates help to get rid of all the bugs and trouble that you might be facing because of previous updates. Quite often, the main purpose of an update is to sort out the issue related to a specific app.  You can not only enjoy the new features but also save yourself from phone or app-related issues.

Network data connection matter:

Last but not least is the kind of connection you are using to get internet access. Wifi connection consumes less battery than mobile data. So, when you have wifi access, we recommend you use that. Another factor is the hotspot. When you are sharing your mobile data with another device, it consumes more battery, and thus, the battery drains quickly. Even when you are noting sharing data with someone else, keep it off.

Moreover, the Oreo update comes up with features that continue to search for open wifi even when the wifi option is disabled. If you’re facing this issue, you can disable it by going into the settings, then go to network & internet. You will see the wifi option. Click on that. Under preferences, look for the Turn on Wifi Automatically option and uncheck it.

Check your phone settings and try any of these tricks to save battery juice and see the difference.

Good Luck!

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