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Top 10 Tips For A Healthier 2022

Whether you’re going all out with New Year’s Resolutions, or simply looking for small changes, here’s our top 10 tips you can use to make 2022 your best year yet!


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. By starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, you’re setting your body up for the day and avoiding the risk of feeling sluggish once 3pm hits.

A slow release, low GI option is best. We love Lizi’s Boost Super Muesli to feed your body those good-for-you nutrients! It also contains goodies to help beat fatigue with Vitamin C and boost your immune system with Vitamin B6 to get ready to meet the day head-on. Why not serve it with warm milk, or bake in the oven for a breakfast full of warmth and goodness.

Lizi’s Boost Super Muesli is available online and in Ocado, RRP £3.50.


Sitting down for long periods can make your body feel cold and stiff, but getting up and moving about gets the blood pumping around your body, warming you up and saving on the heating bills!

Simply going out for a stroll in your lunch break is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. Plus, you get the pleasure of taking in the changing season as the leaves turn gold and red and brown and days are crisp but still bright.

Just 30 minutes could be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and get the blood back into your muscles. What’s more, it may even help you sleep better.


…and we don’t mean booze. Staying hydrated can be easily forgotten when you’ve got a busy day and it becomes tougher as the weather gets colder, but drinking lots of water ensures that your brain and body can function at their best.

If you haven’t already, buy yourself a reusable bottle you love the look of to keep refilling. This will encourage you to subconsciously drink more, plus it’ll look really nice on your desk.

If drinking cold water feels like a chore this autumn, try filling your bottle with warm squash or a fruit tea bag, which will hydrate and warm you up at the same time.

Ocean Bottle have some gorgeous, pastel coloured tones plus you’ll feel good knowing you are helping the planet too: Ocean Bottles are part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic, whilst also looking good, making them different from your classic reusables.


If you crave a hit of refreshment after a long day, think twice before reaching for that tempting glass. Limiting alcohol intake during the week can help prevent unwanted diseases, plus ensures we wake up every morning feeling fresh.

Forget compromising with sugary soft drinks that make you feel like a kid again (and not in a good way) and try an individual drink for people who do their own thing. Not drinking means that evenings out are way more memorable for all the right reasons, plus knowing you’re not knocking back tonnes of sugar as well as alcohol could make you the life and soul of the party! It literally defies description because, thanks to a stunning and unique blend of ingredients, it tastes different for everyone.

Sip as you cook, or simply relax and enjoy at your leisure to wind down in the evenings.


That bar of chocolate that’s been calling to you from the fridge may feel absolutely irresistible, and sometimes it is, but switching out your sugary sweet treats for something a little healthier once in a while can help combat those sluggish feelings we sometimes feel after indulging.

These delicious blended yoghurts from The Collective are the perfect replacement, and are ideal for sharing (or grabbing from the fridge for a swift spoonful and keeping all to yourself). Oh, and they just so happen to be carbon neutral, making them perfect for those looking for a ridiculously tasty bite and wanting to keep their carbon footprint low.


They come in 3 ridiculously tasty flavours, made up of a delicious blend of real fruit and live yoghurt made with British Milk, meaning they’re better for your body than other yoghurts.

Available nationwide, RRP £1.75 per 450g tub.


It’s tempting to reach for your phone after you’ve climbed into bed for the night, but the light emitted from these screens could leave you lying awake for hours after you’ve tried to nod off. Instead, try reading a new book or bathing in a relaxing hot bath as ways to switch off in the evening.

One of our personal favourite bedtime reads is My Imperfect Life by Sophie Kinsella, part love story, part workplace drama. We won’t spoil it for you, but this witty read really puts social media into perspective! Order your copy tonight on Amazon.


Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, and the past year has taught us that social contact is really key to a healthy mindset. Meeting up with family and friends, going for dinner or having a coffee, can work wonders for your mental health, especially as the nights begin to get longer.

Healthy Lungs
Relaxed woman meditating at workplace, practicing eastern spiritual practices for stress relief and mental health while sitting at desk in front of laptop. Short break in work for strength recovery

If you’re pushed for time, a friendly video call can go a long way, or even a few funny messages back and forth. Or if you’re really feeling ambitious, why not join an evening class with a friend? In the approach to Christmas there are loads of community groups running workshops from wreath making to Christmas Cake decorating – you may learn a new skill in the process!

  1. ME TIME

By taking just 20 minutes in the evening to reflect on yourself and your day, you can gain a new perspective on any stressful situations you may be experiencing at the moment, which can help reduce negative emotions and help you gain a hold of your situation. Write down all your concerns so they are out of your head and on paper. This way, you’re more likely to be able to eyeball the problem logically and tackle life with a more level-headed attitude.

If distraction works as a better tactic for you, try downloading a podcast to your phone and just take some time to relax. An entire archive of Desert Island Disks is available on Radio 4, dating all the way back to 1959! So, there really is something suited to everybody.


You’re more likely to feel energised after a meal full of nutritious, healthy ingredients. So, instead of giving into a quick toastie from the sandwich van at lunch time (which is probably riddled with saturated fat), take some time the night before to make yourself a tasty and more nutritious sandwich.

Getting the bread right is essential though. Jason’s Straight Up Superb Sprouted Grains brings deliciousness alongside the health benefits associated with sprouted grains, such as gut-health properties and high nutritional content, providing an easy choice for your new, everyday sliced bread. Available from Tesco in selected stores and online, RRP £1.80.


It’s a well known fact that our body does the majority of its repairing whilst it sleeps, so making sure you get at least 7-8 hours a night gives your body the best fighting chance to stay fit and healthy. The best way to do this is to go to sleep at the same time every night, and avoid napping during the day.

If your mind is racing about things you must remember to do in the morning, make sure you have a notepad by your bed to write them down. This way, you won’t be stuck lying awake for hours worrying that you’ll forget. Plus, leave those tempting screens downstairs!

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