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Why Use A Specialist Garage For Your Volkswagen Service?

If you own a Volkswagen and live in Oldham, Bury or the North Manchester area and it’s time for servicing, you have several options. You can choose an official dealership, a Volkswagen specialist or several independent garages to turn to. Keep in mind, an independent garage can be costly and the work performed can be questionable. Your best option is going to a Volkswagen specialist. You will get great service and it will cost a great deal less.

Your Vehicle Should Receive Quality Service

If it’s time for your Volkswagen to have service and you own an older model, you might think it’s smarter to go to a local garage to save money. Unfortunately, there are cases when you will not get the quality of service you would expect. Chances are, you will get your standard oil change but if you don’t know what the problem is, you cannot be sure the products will meet the manufacturer’s requirements or specifications.


If your vehicle needs replacement parts, you will probably get chapter alternatives vs original parts. Overtime, this can lead to other issues beyond wear and tear. The cheaper parts can cause poor performance, questionable safety, breakdowns at the most inconvenient times, and will be more expensive for needed repairs.

Your Vehicle Is Under Warranty

If you choose to visit a local garage and your Volkswagen is under warranty, you could easily lose your benefits. Manufacturers strictly require you to follow the guidelines for specific checks and replacements during the warranty and non-approved garages do not follow these rules. You must use genuine parts and other service requirements. Looking for cheaper alternatives can end up costing you a great deal more for repairs when it comes to replacing all these parts and fixing any significant damages. Also, you will not be covered by your warranty.

Your vehicle is better off being kept under the warranty. It’s always the best option to choose an approved Volkswagen garage in Oldham, Bury or North Manchester. You will get proper service to keep your warranty alive and valid and your vehicle will run for years to come.

What To Expect From An Approved Service

Manufacturers will provide a number of checks and replacement that must be performed during the periodic service. Many areas will depend on the age of your Volkswagen, the mileage, and the condition from usage.


Most services will require an oil change and replacement of the air filter. Other fluids including transition oil, power steering oil, brake oil, coolants, and windscreen wiper fluid might have to be checked, topped up, or even replaced. The breaks and breaking system will be checked along with the battery and tyres to guarantee the vehicle is reliable and safe. If you have problems in a given area, this will be checkout and corrected if needed.

Using A Volkswagen Specialist Has Its Advantages

If you have been taking your vehicle to a company dealership vs an independent garage, I’m sure you have experienced long waits due to the number of vehicles they bring in. At an independent garage, you will get a more personalized experience. You are allowed to talk with the mechanic to know what’s being performed and why. Most mechanics at a VAG specialist garages are trained by the company and some of them have previously worked at a company dealership. Choosing a VAG specialists will give you peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Having a VAG specialist, you are given the choice of a company-specified service or an in-house service. Cars that are under warranty, a manufacturer’s service is required and only original replacement parts are used. The cost, in general, will be less than the main dealer price for the same service.


If your vehicle is no longer under warranty, you are free to choose a company-approved or an in-house service. In most cases, it’s cheaper to use an in-house service that can personalize to your pattern of usage, and your car’s history. Even though you might not match the manufacturer’s specifications, you will not get a less quality service for your car and all required checks are done and only OEM parts are used.

In Oldham, Bury or North Manchester an independent Volkswagen specialist garage is your best option. You will get excellent service at the best price. You will also get the VAG specialist stamp on your service book which will help maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

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