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Flamenco in Malaga with restaurant | Tablao Alegría 

Would you like to visit a flamenco show in Malaga? Tablao Alegría is one of the best places on the Costa del Sol to enjoy this wonderful art form with its roots in the Moorish and Sephardic cultures. Brimming with charm, it is located in one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of the city, La Malagueta, which is only a few minutes from the port by foot.

Inaugurated more than 20 years ago, it boasts a fantastic stage where flamenco in its different artistic manifestations is always the protagonist. It is a genre that has become one of the main hallmarks of the entire province and had the honour of being recognised in 2010 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Flamenco Malaga

Its owner is Miguel Moreno Rojas, who also runs another similar venue in the famous Albaicín neighbourhood of Granada, Jardines de Zoraya. Tablao Alegría is an ideal place to enjoy a unique, intimate and atmospheric experience watching renowned artists from all over the world. And this can all be done whilst enjoying the delicious dishes on offer from the restaurant.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us and enjoy one of the best flamenco tablaos in Malaga!

Flamenco Malaga

In this article you will find:

A magnificent theatre with capacity for 120 people

The Tablao Alegria comprises an area of 500 square metres and is divided into four different rooms where different social, business and thematic events can be organised. Toilets are available for people with reduced mobility.

The highlight is the theatre which has capacity for 120 people. It is decorated in the purest Andalusian style, with the typical Sevillian-style wooden bulrush chairs and bright colours, but with a contrast of modernity given by the pictures of illustrations of important artists from the world of flamenco. It is an area that is completely independent from the restaurant so that the intimate, warm and close atmosphere that is required for this type of performances can be felt. It also has a magnificent terrace with stunning views of the towers of the Cathedral of Malaga and the Pompidou Centre.

A fascinating interactive centre

When you buy your ticket for the Tablao Alegría show, you also have the option to visit the Interactive Flamenco Centre, which is open to visitors any day of the week in the morning. It is a must-see for those who want to find out about the history and evolution of this important musical genre, not to mention learning about some of its best artists and other interesting facts. Tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours beforehand.

Throughout the visit, which lasts about an hour, an expert will be on hand to offer very interesting insights about the place. Accompanied by digital screens, informative posters and televisions, the explanations from the guide help to make the visit much more enjoyable. In addition, you will have the opportunity to become a flamenco artist for a few minutes while you dance, sing and play the guitar in the experimental activity room, which will provide you with an unforgettable experience. At night, during the show, it means you will already feel familiar with many of the things you are going to see, making it an even more immersive experience.

Flamenco Malaga

The best flamenco show in Malaga

What makes Tablao Alegría the best flamenco show in Malaga is the passion that its artists show during their performance on stage. It is an experience capable of exciting even those who may not be very fond of this genre, as prestigious artists will make you vibrate with the laments, heel stomps and strings of the guitar.

Carmela Riquemi, Curro de María, Miguel ‘El Rubio’, ‘La Repompa’, Isaac de los Reyes, Luis de Luis, Esther Martín, Camarón de la Pitita and Antonio Luque are just some of the well-known faces that are usually part of the group of  performers at Tablao Alegría. With a great trajectory, the staging of the shows is really powerful.

Normally, there are five to six artists participating during each session, all of them in striking outfits where the smallest detail has been taken care of to add to the atmosphere of the performance. In addition, the stage area, located at the end of the room, has everything you need to enjoy the show. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view to watch the performance from every location. And, if this is not the case, mention it to a staff member who will find you a place where you can fully enjoy the performance.

We guarantee that you will not be able to keep your eyes off the hypnotic movement of the ruffles of the dresses as you listen to the vibration of the guitar strings and the emotional laments while the artists stomp around the stage to the rhythm of the seguiriyas, the soleás, bulerias and malagueñas. Of course, this will be accompanied by the traditional ‘jaleo’ and the hand clapping which are always present in this genre.

For those passionate about flamenco in Malaga who want to repeat this experience again, the schedule changes every week and offers performances in different sub-genres of flamenco. So if you are on holiday and plan to spend several days here, you can always come and enjoy a totally different show.

Combined show with dinner option

Flamenco Malaga

Both before and during the performance, drinks and tapas are available. But, without a doubt, the best way to enjoy this flamenco show in Malaga is to accompany it with dinner. At Tablao Alegría you can enjoy delicious food in our restaurant before moving to the room where the performance will take place.

You can choose between an interior lounge, decorated with typical Andalusian furniture and motifs, or the wonderful terrace overlooking the Pompidou Museum and the Cathedral. The latter is the most popular option for spring and summer nights, but as Malaga is a city with a Mediterranean climate, temperatures are generally mild, so it can be enjoyed almost all year round.

The combined show with dinner option allows you to choose from a selection of the chef’s specialities and the dishes shown on the menu. There are elaborations based on the Mediterranean Fusion concept, where traditional flavours from the area are intermingled with other more avant-garde ones. In addition to this is the ’Sous Vide’ technique, which is based on a cooking-pasteurisation method and finished in a kamado, a traditional Japanese ceramic oven where food is cooked with charcoal.

A complete menu is offered that includes both meat and fish dishes. There are also some truly delicious vegetarian and vegan options for those who do not consume animal products. And, of course, this is all accompanied by the best beverages from the area.

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