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Good Things Come To Those Who Hike

Hiking might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But when one learns about the wondrous experience and the opportunity of witnessing nature’s exquisiteness, it urges them to give it a shot. We have just the right destination for those who love hiking and are always ready with their backpack. Offering mesmerizing views and an experience of a lifetime, North Georgia is a treat for the eyes and the soul.

North Georgia is a place naturally gifted with magnificent mountain trails, mesmerizing waterfalls, and misty lakes. You will never get enough of the immaculate natural beauty on offer. The best thing about North Georgia is that it is not season oriented and will guise its beauty according to the climate. You must follow your preference, gear up, and head out on an adventure to explore.

Disclaimer: If you visit in the fall, you just might leave your heart there.

Now let’s talk hiking!

The Appalachian hiking trails offer pristine views with a perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty, thanks to its moderately challenging routes. It promises an eventful experience you can enjoy with your family and friends. We have picked the following options that’ll fulfill your hiking itinerary.

Jack Wolfskin

Blood Mountain Loop

A 6-mile hike with an elevation of around 4500 feet, Blood Mountain, is the most popular hiking trail in North Georgia. You might want to prepare before starting since this hike as it will test your strength and perseverance. To motivate you along the way, you will witness Chattahoochee National Forest and a fern-filled stream valley that captures your gaze. The hike starts from Byron Reece and continues toward the Appalachian peak, where you will find a historic stone shelter to get some rest. Since this is the highest peak, you can only imagine the therapeutic view from the top, which will surely make up for the treacherous trek.

Tallulah Gorge

Get your free permit pass from the rangers office and head towards a 1000 feet venture filled with waterfalls, stunning mountain-top views, sheer walls, and boulder-filled rock. The Tallulah Gorge hike is ideal for intermediate-level hikers who like to test themselves against adversity. Along the way, you will cross a juncture that might trigger your acrophobia, but then again, the beautiful view of the gorge below will let you forget everything, sinking you into the moment. Not to forget the gorgeous Bride Veil Falls and the oh-so-beautiful sight it holds for you.

Ana Ruby Falls Trail

If you think that Blood Mountain and Tallulah Gorge are out of your hiking league due to their rugged climb, Ana Ruby falls trail is paved all the way and is a short and sweet trek for beginner-level hikers. With less than a mile trip and a height of around 220 feet, you will be rewarded with not one but two side-by-side waterfalls at the terminal of Curtis and York Creek. You can witness the beauty of wildlife with colorful foliage and towering trees. Another great thing about the Ana Ruby Falls trail is that you can bring your paw partner along, as they allow pets and kids too. Wheelchair-bound individuals can also enjoy the experience since the route is entirely paved.

Tennessee Rock Trail

We just can’t stop ourselves from mentioning the Tennessee Rock Trail in the Black Rock Mountain State Park. Covering around 2.2 miles and reaching up to 550 feet, the hike is relatively easy and not short of alluring views throughout the trek. Hikers will be treated with an abundance of blooming trillion, spring hues, and gigantic trees fooling around with the sunlight. When you reach the Tennessee rock overlooking the wavy and endless stream of Northeast Georgia hills, you can catch a glimpse of Carolina’s Albert and Picken nose mountains.

We hope that we managed to fill up your bucket list for your upcoming hiking plans. Last but not least, we leave you with a great place to stay on your visit to North Georgia, a place to let go of your tiredness and relax after the hiking adventures. Appalachian Sky Vacation Rentals will take care of your basic needs with the best rental homes on offer, with all that you need at your disposal. It is family-friendly and near other major attractions like Southern Appalachian and Blue Ridge scenic railways.

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