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Planning a Winter Weekend Escape

January of the new year has passed. Half of Europe is under ice and the pandemic does not seem it is going to end anytime soon. With all these restrictions in the United Kingdom, it is time to escape.

Ofcourse, one should keep in my mind the COVID19 pandemic is not over yet so we must maintain caution with social distancing and facial masks during travel.

The question remains, where to go ? And the Answer is France, Spain or Italy.

The Mediterranean cities in France, Spain and Italy remain the warmest during this never-ending winter with many cheap options from major English cities as London or Manchester.

While we prefer trains from London to travel to France and then to Spain (or Italy but it requires a longer time to reach). Flying or driving remain valid options, especially with low fares.


But with the unpredictable weather and the need for a vacation, trains are always a safer and more punctual option to plan a weekend getaway to France.The extensive network of trains in Europe allows you t o reach any destination within a few hours without a hassle and without worrying about roads or overweight baggage.

The plus side as well is you get to see lots of scenery in the countryside and along the coasts of the Mediterranean if you get to to east towards Italy.

On top of our list, here are a few suggestions for a train itinerary for a few days off.



Ofcourse, it is the largest, closest to London with the train and has the most glamor. But it is still almost as cold as London and most cities. You get to visit the Louvre, Arc de Triumphe and stroll along the Latin Quarter or the Locks bridge. Paris is the city of romance, you will find lots of stuff to do with your wife.


It is a few more hours away and is along the Garonne river near the Spanish border, making it ideal for a day stop during a few days trip.



Perhaps not the best time to visit but you are getting to see one of the most expensive cities at a low season. With the pandemic, you can get really good rates at hotel and dine along the Mediterranean at a moderately tempered weather. You can sit down and relax, watch the waves and luxury yachts as they sail from the port.


If you decide to go south in Spain, you will witness a truly magnificent city. With marvelous walks and history all around, it deserves a few more days in Andalusia to venture all glamor that is in southern Spain. Perhaps add a few more days and take the train to Cadiz, Cordoba and Granada that are few hours apart with train then head to Marbella.



Marbella has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with humid, very mild winters (for European standards), making it superb for a weekend break. It is very similar to Cannes in experience with all its luxury lifestyle, so you have an option east or south depending on your time, weather forecast and budget ofcourse.


You want a city with unmatched culture, welcome to Madrid. Although the temperature is pretty cold in Madrid that time of the year but the city is served by a huge network of trains and airports that you will sure find an excellent deal. With excellent Tapas, vibrant nightlife and weekly festivals, Madrid remains a hub for those seeking a cultural weekend break.

Lots of options, weekends, deals and time to plan your next winter getaway. Start planning and breaking the ice from the cold English winter now before tomorrow.

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