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Trend Alert – Terracotta Style Tiles

The terracotta-style tile, simple and organic, yet with so many styling options!
As home owners embrace a more nostalgic, soulful interior, natural and traditional Terracotta Style Tiles finishes are once again in demand. One such product is the wonderfully organic terracotta-style tile.

Available in a number of sizes and colours, its unmistakable rustic charm can grace so many interior styles. From a humble country cottage, a grander country house, to a more modern rustic interior and in each setting it is guaranteed to anchor the room scheme with a natural rustic warmth and character.

When you talk about terracotta, one thinks of handmade tiles moulded from simple clay, showing rustic imperfections and a lot of natural charm. These artisan tiles have graced our homes for centuries, but to retain their beauty they require a lot of maintenance, in the form of sealing.

The humble terracotta tile is very porous, as a result it can stain easily and once a stain gets into the body of the tile it is almost impossible to remove it, hence the importance of sealing the tile to give protection. Due to the body of the tile being so absorbent, this will also limit its use to the interior of our British homes, as once moisture penetrates the body of the tile, frost can split it – oh to have a Mediterranean climate!

Fortunately there is a now a new type of terracotta-style tile, a tile that require no maintenance, as the body of the tile is non-porous.

Baked Tiles have been sourcing the globe to find the very best of this style of product and whilst they no longer require laborious treatments , they don’t lack any of the rustic charm, or characterful imperfections associated with old school terracotta.

Casa Cotto, a rustic terracotta style product, comes in two colours, two sizes and two finishes. Natural finish ideal for walls and floors and anti-slip, perfect for shower floor, pool surrounds and patios. So it’s now possible to have a rustic terracotta floor that seamlessly flows from your kitchen into the garden.

Country is a pre-aged tile collection that looks perfect in traditional settings. Available in both brick and hexagon shapes – it’s beautiful, giving a space a finish that will look as if its been in-situ since the house style was conceived. The Hexagon white also looks incredible in Skandi style interiors, its warm white finish looks great in more stripped back setting.

Finally Marrakesh, is as the name implies , is a Moroccan inspire collection, featuring Bejmat and Zellige style tiles. These can be combined to create unmistakeably Morish, style schemes, or the terracotta style tiles look equally as wonderful in simple Skandi or contemporary style settings.

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