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You Are The Brand: Sustainability From The Inside Out

Parvati Foundation is delighted to announce that its founder, creative director and CEO, the musical artist Parvati, will be speaking on “Sustainability from the Inside Out” at the VOICES: “Fashion and a Healthy Future: Arctic Free” virtual event on May 6, 2021, following an interview with and performance by British pop star Boy George of Culture Club.

The event includes fashion industry leaders, influencers and subject matter experts on sustainability and creating a healthy future, and is for creatives worldwide who seek ways to make a difference for all life. The networking platform SohoMuse unites the international nonprofit Parvati Foundation and award-winning couture label Celestino as producers for this virtual table hosted and moderated by Billboard recording artist and SohoMuse CEO Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, global fabric sculptor, designer, and campaigner Daniel Lismore, and Parvati Foundation initial member and head of marketing Rishi Deva, CEO of the international media company Kupid’s Play.

The event also serves as the launching pad for Parvati Foundation’s new Arctic Free campaign. The Arctic Ocean is our world’s air conditioner and life support system, regulating the weather patterns that give all of us the food and water we need to survive. But it’s melting to record lows. Arctic Free catalyzes public demand for an immediate end to commercial and military activity in the Arctic Ocean above the Arctic Circle. The campaign is part of Parvati Foundation’s work to establish the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), which supports 15 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. MAPS establishes the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle as the largest permanent marine protected area in history. At the same time, MAPS catalyzes an immediate global pivot to sustainable energy, and a paradigm shift from short-term greed to long-term good.


As the visionary for both MAPS and Arctic Free, Parvati will discuss what it means to live Sustainability From The Inside Out.

As consumers, we each have tremendous power to determine the fate of the world through the choices we make every single day.  Because the fashion industry is the world’s second most polluting, environmental damage is increasing as the industry continues to grow often unchecked and unregulated in developing nations. Consumers must now step in to fill the gaps left by governments that favour big business instead of environmental protection, and reshape fashion to be produced for the good of our world. Through choosing to wear brands that are aligned with sustainable business practices (such as Arctic Free brands), and refusing to support brands that don’t, everyone can help create a healthy world for all.


“Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Our actions follow our beliefs and our beliefs are created by our thoughts. So we must change our thinking, to respond differently and make different choices, which changes our world. When our thoughts, words, and actions are an expression of the harmonization of human law, natural law and universal law – we are in our most natural, sustainable state.”

– Parvati

Members of the media are invited to attend this event. The link to register is here to find out more about Arctic Free.

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