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The Wellness Office of CUF Milano at the next Fuorisalone Furniture Fair

A new balance between work and wellbeing is emerging at the FuoriSalone in Milan, to be held from 16 to 21 April 2024.

CUF Milano, the Italian office design brand that is part of Centrufficio S.p.A., is proposing at its FuoriSalone its own vision of the office of wellness, in which acoustics, lighting, biophilia and ergonomics are mixed.

At the showroom in via Rosales 3/5 – Milan, in the Corso Como area, you will find yourself immersed in an office environment devoted to wellbeing, where design efforts are aimed at creating spaces where the worker and his needs are at the centre.

Here, then, office furniture is integrated with air purification systems, sound-absorbing panels, and green compositions – stabilised or not – creating comfortable environments for all senses.

In order to emphasise the wellness aspect of the office world, CUF Milano is organising the 4th edition of Architorneo during the FuoriSalone:


17 aprile 2024 from 18:00 to 22:00

CUF Milano Showroom, via Rosales 3/5 – Milano

It’s a team table football challenge, dedicated to Italian and international architects and designers, which will take place in a playful and informal atmosphere during the Milan Happy Hour.

The winning team will be awarded with a design table football by the partner brand RS Barcelona.

The showroom will also be presenting products that embody the concept of wellbeing: in addition to the popular Fusion and Seventy Seven operative benches, there will also be the latest 2024 novelties, such as the new Jaleed acoustic wall, the colourful Lambrate locker, the Bold executive, and novelties from the world of acoustics, such as the MiCasa.

CUF Milano At FuoriSalone 2024

Jaleed – Design Roberto Fantini

It’s a modular glass wall system that combines the concept of design with other technical performances.

The wall is characterised by the use of thin and minimal aluminium profiles, by its attractive and modern design, and by the high acoustic performance achieved in the laboratory.

In fact, the glass wall is certified for an acoustic abatement of 49 db, and the glass door for 42 db.

work office wellbeing

Jaleed is an extremely versatile system, as it can be made with either glass panelling or blind panelling (or a mix of the two); it can also be made with profiles in any RAL finish, has different types of handles and accessories according to the customer’s choice, and can be fitted with numeric combination or APP-controlled lock systems.

Lambrate – Design CUF Milano Lab, Luigi Glorini

Lambrate is a modular metal system, but also a locker, a shelf bookcase, an office storage unit and a system that can be combined with desks: all in one.

work office wellbeing

In addition to being extremely flexible and adaptable to all types of environment, the special feature of Lambrate is that it can be composed with an endless series of colourful modules with different functions. Umbrella stands, planters, drawers, worktops: these are just some of the components that can be used to customise Lambrate.

With Lambrate, a few basic elements can be transformed into an infinite number of configurations, offering the freedom to customise spaces in an innovative and creative way.

Bold – Design Matteo Silverio

Bold is a system of furniture, which breaks the schemes compared to classic executive desks. Designed under the banner of deconstruction and recomposition of the classic desk, it comes from the desire to create a product that, in addition to fulfilling its primary function, has a strong formal and sculptural identity.

work office wellbeing

It is an apparently simple object composed of just a few elements, but which actually contains a high level of complexity within it. The suspended top, with its milled edge emphasizing its lightness, is reminiscent of a seagull’s wing but also of an oar blade. Both of them, besides being heritage of the designer’s Venetian origins, are technological jewels since they are both lightweight and durable.

Matteo Silverio

He is a Venetian architect and researcher expert in computational design and digital fabrication. During his professional career he has collaborated with several international studios, serving as lead designer and project manager in the development of innovative projects, many of them winners of international competitions.

Since 2017, he has been leading a multidisciplinary team based in Murano with which he promotes and develops projects on different scales and sectors, making use of horizontal knowledge and contaminating “distant” fields: coding to optimize forms or minimize waste, biology to paint pictures and produce energy, and chemistry to transform waste into works of art in a circular economy perspective. Many of his projects have been published in magazines and books, and exhibited in prestigious museums or institutions such as the Mint Gallery and Saatchi Gallery (London), the Design Museum in Dubai, and the Corning Museum of Glass (New York).

In addition to his professional practice, Matteo combines teaching and research activities in the field of computational design and digital fabrication, with a focus on issues related to environmental sustainability and circular economy. He currently teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rovereto, the European Institute of Design (IED) in Venice and the IUAV University of Venice.

MiCasa – Design CUF Milano Lab

MiCasa is a self-supporting structure with multiple functions: phonebooth, room for informal meetings, lounge area or relaxation.

It is a plasterboard structure, fully wired and equipped with internal lighting, which constitutes a microcosm of comfort within any working environment.

Acoustic panels, lamps, sofas, seatings, and coffee tables help make the MiCasa structure even more domestic and relaxing.

Stabilized Green – Partner Moss Trend

A new addition to FuoriSalone 2024 is the partnership with the Tuscan company Moss Trend. The installation proposed during this FuoriSalone evokes bucolic and at the same time Kafkaesque scenes. Nature merges with the office world promoting both productivity and worker well-being.

Vertical gardens, green walls and planters thus fit into work spaces in a fluid and harmonious way, under the banner of the concept of biophilia.

Moss Trend

MossTrend creates stabilised green furniture products: the products are made of natural lichen, handmade and designed in Italy.

The integration of a natural element completely revolutionises the conception of the surrounding environment with a concrete advantage on people’s health and the quality of work of those who spend several hours a day in it.

Stabilised green is a 100% natural material that requires no maintenance, as it needs no sunlight, requires no water and does not attract dust. Moss Trend is the perfect choice for anyone looking for innovative solutions for the interior design of their furniture or business.

Table games – Partner RS Barcelona

In collaboration with RS Barcelona, CUF Milan offers a selection of games, such as table soccer, table tennis and billiards, that are well suited within the modern recreational areas found in offices. The games are sometimes deconstructed, to make room for larger teams to try their hand at games and engaging: this is the case, for example, with the XL foosball table for 8 players (which turns into a meeting table if necessary).

The design, the possibility of customizing the games with your own color logo, and the adaptability to various environments distinguishes the products of RS Barcelona.

RS Barcelona

RS Barcelona designs with passion to create memorable experiences with its unique game tables and furniture. A collection that inspires people to live more creatively, friendly and sustainably. Seeking beauty in simplicity and focusing on the refinement of details to make authentic objects that enrich the spaces we inhabit and share.

And they do this by highlighting the power of play. Because play is an attitude. An expression of optimism. They invite us to play without complexes or restrictions.

Daring to play in scenarios where it was not appropriate to do so, reinterpreting the conventional to make it iconic. Finding the balance between design and fun. Fusing refinement with illusion and joie de vivre.

Diva – Design Itamar Harari

It is the modular upholstery system designed to be more than a DIVAno, and to shape the environment and the way space is used thanks to the multiplicity of forms it offers, as well as the value of comfort and aesthetics.

All it takes is a few components that can be assembled endlessly, to obtain a series of countless configurations: armchair, in-line sofa, or corner, u-shaped, island, lounge. With or without backrests, armrests, privacy panels and side tables.

DIVA’s design applies details from the more classic domestic one, so the armchair or sofa becomes a cozy place to work with a new sense of comfort. It is not intended to replace the traditional workstation or meeting room, rather it is meant to be a formal enrichment through the variability of offerings of ‘soft’ seating beyond comfort and aesthetics.

Fusion Outdoor – Design John Bennet e Sakura Adachi

Fusion Outdoor is the outdoor line of the award-winning Fusion.

Inspired by recent experiences, Fusion Outdoor rethinks space by adopting the outdoors as a positive generator in the work routine, organizing it in a way that is both contemporary and natural.

Also perfect in residential and less institutional settings.

Starting from the same concept of creating multifunctional environments, Fusion Outdoor amplifies the assumption, proposing new solutions for gardens and terraces.

For an even more fluid space between outdoor and indoor, the tables, available in different heights depending on the intentions of use, adopt solid wood planks, the seats are bench or stools that can also be stacked, the structures are cold galvanized to withstand the weather, and among the accessories are awnings with a Japanese flavor to shelter from the sun.

Sakura Adachi

Sakura’s work is characterized by a combination of conceptual approach and craftsmanship. Most of her products immediately communicate the story behind their concept, and the designer’s ability to make the best use of materials and their characteristics.

In particular, her design process focuses on people’s relationship with objects and the type of use for which they are intended, which is why her products often have characteristics of multifunctionality, transformability, versatility, and space-saving.

She received her BA in Industrial & Craft Design from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, specializing in woodworking, and his MA in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.

She has been living and working in Milan since 2004. She has collaborated with a number of renowned design studios on furniture and lighting designs for both domestic and office settings.

After opening her design studio in 2008, she has collaborated with leading Italian and international manufacturers such as Alessi, Campeggi, Riva1920, Taschen, Estel, Martex, Fermob, Tura and others.

Her products have been selected by Red Dot Design Award, ADI Design Index in 2016, Good Design Awards in 2019 and many other awards. Since 2014 she has been teaching the Industrial Design course at the Pordenone branch of ISIA Roma Design.

John Bennett

After graduating from the Royal College of Art, he began working with Tecno in Milan on numerous projects, bringing design ideas for industrial processes and the concept of “Design without Fashion,” a characteristic that can be found in many of his later works as a consultant.

In 1987 he opened a studio in Milan specializing in furniture and product design, increasingly focusing his work on combining human factors, materials and production processes into a unified final concept.

With his studio he has developed furniture and products for Tecno Spain, Frezza, Estel, and Martex in Italy, and more recently for Versalink in Malaysia and Vohaw and Victory in China. For the Masters in Furniture Design at Polidesign in Milan he serves as Project Coordinator and for Politecniico di Milano Adjunct Professor in Product Design.

His work has been selected for major exhibitions, and has received awards and recognition such as: “ADI Design Index”, “Design Plus – Light and Building Award”, “Good Design”, The Chicago Athenaeum, “Best of NeoCon Competition” and Chicago Editor’s Choice Award, the Silver Prize at CIFF 2012 in China, at MIFF 2016 the Platinum award for the best office furniture category.

work office wellbeing

CUF Milano is a brand of Centrufficio S.p.A., a Lombard company founded in 1986 by Roberto Motti that designs and manufactures office furniture, seating and partitions. Over the years, Centrufficio S.p.A. has opened 20 own-brand branches in northern Italy, as well as three warehouses in Milan and three production sites, also specializing in office fit-outs.

Centrufficio S.p.A., in fact, has a team of 12 architects, capable of designing work environments in both the preliminary and executive phases. In 2009, Roberto Motti’s daughter Rossana, currently vice president of the B.o.D., joined the company, followed in 2016 by her sister Chiara, employed in the foreign sector.

CUF Milano is a spin-off conceived to bring to the world the excellence of made in Italy, and, more precisely, the “made in Milan” that has always been a source of pride and boast for the parent company: in fact, all projects and furnishings are conceived and designed in the capital of design.

The idea, the technical drawing, the prototype of the product all start from Milan, and CUF Milano was born precisely to affirm even more how central the quality of the product is for Centrufficio: in addition to being functional and having a high aesthetic impact, it must always be made with the best materials, resistant, and respecting the environment and safety regulations during the entire production cycle.

CUF Milano collaborates with renowned designers in the field, such as Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Progetto CMR, John Bennett, Sakura Adachi, the Studio Origoni Steiner, Itamar Harari and Matteo Silverio. CUF Milan also has an in-house R&D office for the design of operating lines and partitions, putting into practice one of the fundamental points of Centrufficio’s philosophy: to offer free consulting and design to furnish with modern, top-quality products with a high design content, at more than reasonable costs, with a view to what is called “designcracy,” with special attention to the environment.

Centrufficio, in fact, has joined several initiatives for the study of environmental impact in the office world, collaborating in European projects, such as Fibereuse, for the use of circular economies and the creation of new materials derived from them, which also led it to be mentioned in the Green Italy 2021 and 2022 reports.

Another distinguishing feature of the Company, which is particularly significant in the current economic contingency, is its ability to supply all its products on a prompt delivery basis, thanks to the fact that it has a warehouse of more than 30,000 square meters at its disposal. In this way, all projects, even those with very little time available, can be followed up effectively and efficiently.

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