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5 Reasons for Having a Personal Health Assessment

In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have the National Health Service (NHS) on hand when faced with medical emergencies. The majority of people only seek out healthcare when they’re already facing symptoms, which means our health has already taken a hit. Therefore, having a personal health assessment through a quality provider is a great way to prevent issues ahead of time. Having a personal health assessment can tell you if you have any genetic pointers for future conditions, educate you on improving your lifestyle, and improve the chances of catching developing illnesses in time. Below, we give you five common-sense reasons for having a health assessment.

Can Prevent Unnecessary Testing

When you go to the doctors after you’ve developed symptoms, they may carry out several tests before they diagnose the issue. The problem with this is that some of the tests can be invasive. For example, if you’re having pain in the abdomen, you may be referred for an endoscopy. This involves inserting a camera through the colon to find issues. Although these procedures have their place, you can avoid invasive measures by having a personal health assessment.

At Echelon Health, each person is assessed through individual consultations to determine which tests are needed. Through their use of external testing including CT scans and x-rays, you may escape having invasive tests. If Echelon Health finds any underlying issues, they will put you in contact with their network of leading specialists.


Catch Health Risks Early

Catching illnesses early helps to reduce the risk of fatalities. For example, if cancer is caught in the early stages it can be prevented from spreading to other parts of the body. If you wait until symptoms develop before seeking care, you may be waiting for the doctors to run unnecessary tests before finding out what is wrong. However, through regular health assessments, you stand a better chance of catching issues early.

Improve Your Way of Life

A health assessment takes a look at your body and will include information about your BMI and cholesterol levels. If these are found to be at risk of causing issues, you will be supported in making healthy changes. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and live a completely different life, but small changes can make an enormous difference.

Most Updated Medical Tech

The medical field is constantly changing, and sometimes the NHS doesn’t have enough funding to keep up. Therefore, by having a health assessment at a private clinic, you are more likely to benefit from the most up to date medical equipment.

Personal health screens outside of the NHS system are a huge benefit to your health. Through having an expert consultation, you will be guided towards suitable tests that can help catch dormant issues earlier. With most chronic illnesses like cancer, the best chance of recovery is through early detection. If you wait until you have symptoms, you may be given unnecessary invasive tests in the search for a diagnosis. Having a personal health assessment can prevent the need for such treatments.

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