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Changes in Fitness Workout Habits after the Pandemic

During the pandemic, fitness equipment brands and retailers saw a spike in sales, with customer demand estimated to have tripled. However, the question on the retailers’ minds is whether they can maintain the momentum.

Arvy Andres, director of London-based fitness equipment retailer Gymzey, says that during the pandemic year, through all of the Covid-19 safety guidelines, the company was able not only to support its customers, but even grow, introducing over 300 new product titles.

There was a high demand for barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, resistance bands, and everything else that could be used in a small space of one’s own home. There was a predicted slowdown in April after the gyms had opened; people clearly missed the social gym setting, the sun was out, and home workouts were no longer appealing. However, it appears that patterns have reversed in May, as the consumers who are yet to return to work, and due to the favourable weather, garden workouts have become possible, resulting in an increase in fitness equipment sales again.

Home workout

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the long-term outlook for fitness industry is very promising. Social isolation was associated with a strong desire to exercise, as well as the need to remain in shape and maintain a healthy BMI.

Fitness and sports activities are perhaps the most effective and least expensive ways to maintain physical and mental health with practically no drawbacks.

Home workout

Gymzey, a company that’s recently celebrated their 3rd birthday, expects to add 400 new items this year, including sportswear, and expand its Diagor fitness brand, which already has added a compact Squat Rack D9 manufactured in the EU to their stock offering.

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