Monday, June 17, 2024

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UK’s leading Fitness Brands collaborate to offer Personal Trainers a lifeline

Bio-Synergy teams up with leading fitness brands and providers to help personal trainers survive and thrive during this extremely tough time.

Bio-Synergy know how hard you’ve worked to qualify as a PT and that during these unprecedented times you’ve had to work twice as hard offering virtual classes and 1 to 1 outdoors all whist juggling your own fitness and demands of home life.

To highlight your efforts and dedication we have teamed up with some of the biggest names in #fitness to reward your efforts and promote your brand.


1. FREE access to Your Personal Training Online Business Course worth £200
2. 35% saving on Bio-Synergy & free gift
3. MyZone £60 gift card
4. Free workshop with Escape Fitness and savings plus the first 25 entrants can choose from a yoga mat, double grip med ball or Ultraflex roller.
5. Saving on Hyperice kit & free training course
6. Savings on all Premier Global NASM, CPD courses
7. 60-day free trial of My PT Hub Premium

This is all FREE and worth over £1500!

And to support you, we will also share your videos across our social platforms reaching millions! To enter: Email [email protected] with subject #nothingstopsfitness

1. REPS number or equivalent
2. Home workout video
3. Brief description about you and any relevant links.

UK's leading Fitness Brands collaborate to offer Personal Trainers a lifeline

One lucky winner will also receive:

1. Bio-Synergy DNA kit & £100 gift card
2. Premier Global CPD nutrition course and new Virtual Specialisation Course
3. 10 MyZone belts
4. Hyperice Hypervolt
5. TRX home kit & training courses
6. 5 pairs of JLab headphones
7. One-year My PT Hub Premium Subscription (worth £588)
8. Escape Fitness deck
9. Superstar Essential vlogging kit with wireless remote

Total prize value over £3000!

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