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Best Android Apps Available for your Phone

For mobile users, it is important to check out which mobile app is useful or not to install on mobile. There are many apps available, but we are not sure all these apps good to installed on mobile.

Here, we are defining some mobile apps which are not harmful to your mobile. Most people are also using these apps on their mobile.

Savage VPN – Secure IP Changer

Savage VPN brings the best to you, a fast and secure connection to the internet. Works with Wifi, 4G, 3G and every mobile carrier. Very easy to use. Just open and click the connect button. And the best part is… IT’S UNLIMITED!
Try Savage VPN – Secure VPN App today!

Video Downloader for Tik-Tok Instagram Story Saver

All Video Downloader is an app designed for Tik-Tok to help you download videos. After downloading these videos, you can easily share them with your contacts.

By using this app, you can easily download videos, profile photos, and any status from WhatsApp. This app is very fast and easy to download Instagram, Facebook videos to gallery. With the help of this app, Instagram’s video stories and posts can be easily downloaded and saved in a good way.

This app has not required an email for login. You can use it without login it in few MBs. Video downloader story saver is very lightweight.

parental control

Fishing trips

By using the fishing trip app, you can make friends who enjoy fishing trips together. The new people who have fishing experience. They are also connected with you by using fishing trips.

You just share fishing trip details with people who match with your request. The commercial operators used the platform for the advertisement of their fishing trips.

Creating an account on this app for advertising is free. If you want to search for your next partner, you simply select the location, time, fishing method, and analysis of the result.
The downloading and usage of fishing trips are free. The different versions are available on a monthly subscription basis, like the basis and premium version.


Poweramp app is most of the popular and functional local music players on android. It contains basic features including audio support, an android auto, an equalizer, gapless smoothing, and support for ant audio music.

You can play songs in all of their formats like mp3, mp4, Ogg, and others. A 10-band optimized graphical equalizer for all types of music formats.

Poweramp has a search function that allows you to find lyrics using the complement music match.

It is providing the function of a customizable lock screen with optional direct unlocking. Overall this app has more features as compared to its competition.

Solid Explorer

Solid explorer file manager is an easy-to-use and manages all the files on your device’s memory or SD card.

The features material design, archiving support and providing the supports of cloud services. Some more power-user stuff like FTP, SFPT, WebDAV, and SMB/CIFS support.

Solid Explorer is incredibly stable and works well, the free trial with a $2.99 price tag at the end. The strong point of the solid explorer has two independent windows, so you can easily move files from one place to another.

Open the location of the file, which you can move, and destination place, then drag and drop from one place to another location.

Managing files helps you to work with ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR package well for encrypted files. You can also open files that are stored on the cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


The android phone needs different apps, but some applications are the necessity of the time. Here we mentioned some important apps to find your best choice.

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