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5 Top Tips on Unlocking Your Garden Potential this Summer

Every garden is a story through its plants and design, reflecting personality, style and taps into both our emotions and aspirations.  They tell the story of imagination, discovery, ambition and the evolution of ideals. It is a way of surrounding yourself not only with plants that you love but also with unique memories and discoveries. With our love of plants and outdoor living here to stay, Gardenesque takes a look on how to get your garden looking its best and to its full potential this summer.

Following the principles of the historic gardenesque movement, the gardenware products encompass style and practicality, designed to accentuate the natural beauty of any outdoor space. Gardenesque is based on three key values: discovery, showcasing and naturalism, to provide gardeners with the simplest extraction of new ideas combined with traditional concepts, to bring horticultural beauty into homes and gardens, regardless of size and location.

Outdoor entertaining, along with searches for firepits, easy gardening, outdoor kitchens continue to soar as people embrace their gardens. Many of us have reconnected with gardens and are getting creative to bring the luxury getaway feel to your own home.

Create space

No matter the size of your outdoor space, a quick tidy is sure to make it feel bigger. In urban Britain, the average garden size for consumers aged 25-44 is only 12m²*, meaning that many live in a compact lifestyle that means they often have a very small garden, balcony or no space at all.

Create the illusion of having a roomy and refined garden by trimming back any hedges, bushes or beds that may have gone a little wild over winter.  Pruning existing plants in spring also gives them the best chance of blooming again in the summer.

In smaller spaces, this is also where container gardening comes into its own and can add a decorative touch to a city garden. It’s portable, low maintenance and can be moved or changed to give a new look to your space or to brighten up a dreary corner. Where space is at a premium, a pot is a great way of adding the option to grow vertically too, softening walls and providing a flush of colour and interest.  With exclusive Loudon planters are available in different colours and sizes coated with a superior glaze, adding sophistication to your garden.

Outdoor rooms

Gardens have experienced an evolution, as space starts to become limited in urban homes, many have turned to their garden as an extension of their living space. Comfortable furniture is vital to provide a space in which to relax and unwind.

Creating a relaxation zone in your garden can help to take your garden to the next level this summer. The ultimate luxury staycation can be achieved by moving garden furniture such as chairs or outdoor tables into one section to create a seating space where you can soak up the summer sunshine in style. A rocking motion is known to releases endorphins that improves your mood and reduces stress. The Repton Wooden Rocking Chair (RRP £189.99), offers utter comfort and the chance to immerse yourself in the full benefits of garden relaxation.

Try the Paxton Swinging Egg Chair (RRP £449.99) and sit in total luxury and in the serenity of your home space.  If you want to reflect on the Repton Eucalyptus Wood Garden Bench (RRP – £179.99) will allow you to drift into your own world. In the Gardenesque furniture range, there is plenty of choices to help you find your perfect fit, including the new Rattan corner sofa set, coming soon.

Intimate gatherings

We anticipate an upswing in products that extend the evenings on patios, balconies, and in gardens.  Outdoor firepits and fireplaces, as well as al-fresco cooking, like ceramic and tabletop barbecues, will get entice us to entertain outdoors this summer and beyond. Want a showstopping focal point for your evenings outdoor, the Hoole Seaton Lightweight Steel Patio Fire Pit With Grate (RRP£249.99) fits the bill perfectly, elevating the look of your patio.  The Hoole Lelant Cast Iron Bowl Fire Pit (RRP £149.99) creates an incredible ambience after dark and is both practical and stylish. Chimineas are great for the patio or garden and with their small footprints, perfect for compact spaces. The Hoole Cast Iron Chiminea Log Burner (RRP £119.99) will extend summer evenings and make both a stylish and practical addition to your outdoor space.

There’s nothing quite like the taste of barbecued food and tell-tale smell of outdoor cooking that lets us know summer has arrived.  BBQs, outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens have seen a surge in popularity as people look for ways to have a fun night out at home. The Gardenesque portable kettle charcoal barbecues (RRP £39.99) are perfect for those that crave dinner al fresco, but lacking the garden space.

Embrace your botanical fascination

Container gardening is a great way to colour up a small space, add depth and height to your backyard or easily change up the look of your patio. Choose a variety of colours, shapes and sizes for your plants to make your garden stand out.  Whether it be the bohemian, charming and classic beauty of the Ancient Collection of frost proof garden pots (RRP £50.99 – 80.99). the gorgeous English countryside aesthetic of the Ellham Metal Planters (RRP £39.99 -59.99), or the earthy tones of the Orson Cylinder Terracotta Pots (RRP £33.99 – £99.99), we champion outdoor living spaces as havens where you can suspend time and reality, dream, entertain and generally mould your own ideas of beauty.


Your garden is part of your home, so consider what other decor and furnishings will help you enjoy spending time in your outdoor room.  With outside entertaining being one of the most popular pastimes during the warmer weather, light up trees and paths with spotlights and stake lights to illuminate after-dark.  Make your garden eco-friendly by opting for solar-powered lighting that’ll also automatically light up when the sunlight disappears. Gardenesque are proud to introduce a new collection of solar lights for the after dark gatherings, beautifully packaged in the bespoke boxing, complete with batteries. The Edison Solar Led String Lights (RRP £29.99) are ideal for hanging in trees or wrapping around bushes and fences, a number of the Metal Led Solar Lanterns (RRP £24.99) will create some sparkle on your borders and paths, whilst Edison Led Solar Pathway Lights (RRP £29.99) will give a sense of overall space and proportion to your night time garden.

Show your personal style and artistic nature with water features, like an overflowing urn or a fountain. The sound of flowing water is very relaxing and makes your living environment a whole lot more pleasant and tranquil, giving a sense of balance to the urban city environment. The  Copper Bowls Ornamental Garden Water Feature (RRP £269.99) is both calming, aesthetically pleasing and  can work wonders to transform your outdoor space into a natural haven.

With the population spending more time indoors recently, the opportunity to get outside comes as a relief to many people. As well as ensuring you get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun’s rays, time in the fresh air, enjoying your garden can help you to increase the amount of physical exercise you get and have a highly beneficial effect on your mental health too.

Whether you want to relax with a book on the patio with a glass of something cool and refreshing, play games with your children or pets or simply enjoy the company of your family, a little preparation will ensure your garden is the perfect place to be this summer.

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